Tuesday, August 21, 2012

I'm Growing A Mustache

It has always seemed to me that mustaches are basically a style accessory that men grow to sometimes make themselves look more handsome.  And, they go in and out of style, mostly depending upon which celebrities decide to grow one.  Think Brad Pitt.  If he decides to sport a 'stash, then lots of girls all around the world will be swooning, and so consequently, many boys and men will make it their business to grow their own girl attracter mustaches.

Now I learn, though, that not only are these facial hairs stylish, but wearers of mustaches are actually healthier than their hairless counterparts.  A recent article in The Washington Post spells it out for us.

Apparently there is a group of researchers that focus their studies solely on how much radiation we absorb, and publish their results in the journal "Radiation Protection Dosimetry."  They claim that facial hair provides protection from the sun's harmful ultraviolet rays.  In fact, facial hair reduces the exposure ratios to about one third of those to the sites having no hair.

I guess I don't have to be a scientist to understand that anything (clothing, hair, jewelry, sunscreen) that blocks the sun's rays from landing on my skin is helpful, so I was not at all surprised by the report.

So then, I suppose these guys have super-protection from those harmful rays:

Not only is his upper lip healthy, so are his cheeks.
If the wind blows, do they knot behind his head?
This is just down right scary.
I need to draw a few conclusions from this study of how much radiation we will absorb:

1.  Longer mustaches provide more protection than shorter ones.

2.  Long beards outperform short beards.

3.  Hair on the head is healthier than a bald head.

4.  Long hair is preferable to short hair.

5.  I need to start now and grow a mustache.

Help me folks - which style do you like?  


  1. I'll take the shag, that's what hubby is growing. Funny mustaches.

  2. Hmmmm...I kind of like the cowboy. We have a doctor here in my small town with a long handlebar mustache.

  3. I got both a long beard and long hair. When I turned 65 I quit shaving and cutting my hair. I am pushing 70 now so both are quite long and I love it.