Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Learn How To Park!

Sometimes I am absolutely stupified at how poorly some people park their vehicles and RV's.  It amazes me how they seem to have no regard to the possibility that they will cause an accident, allow damage to their camper, or even get themselves a parking ticket.

At a recent shopping trip to the mall, I saw a few doozies.  This guy's arse end is sticking so far out it is likely to cause other drivers squeezing out around him to have an accident.

When I saw this next one, I simply couldn't believe it.  In a mall parking lot with hundreds of open spaces this is the best he could do:

I don't get it - maybe his car is a "lemon" and he wants it hit -----> an insurance settlement -----> a new car.  Otherwise, he's just not firing on all cylinders.

I captured the photo of this next awful park job at my local Wal-Mart.  I cannot imagine what Wal-Mart emergency required this kind of a park job.  I wonder if he got a ticket.  I wonder if he cared.

While trying to find a local campground to preview, I saw this cute little guy, apparently abandoned at the far edge of a field.  Would somebody please rescue him, save him from his now mice and snake infested self and spiff him up?  Too sweet to be discarded and parked like that, I say.

The following photos are of horrifically bad park jobs.  I have not personally seen these, but none the less I am incredibly amazed.  Most of them are so bad they just make me laugh.  Enjoy!

Please - Be careful out there!


  1. lol I got a kick out of these photos!

  2. Love those pictures. I now have a diesel pusher motor-home and when towing the Jeep, sometimes I have to take up a couple of parking spaces at Wal-Mart.

  3. By the way, that is a fantastic rig you are traveling in, WOW!!! I bet you guys really enjoy it. Thanks for visiting my blog. I am joining yours as a member, too.