Friday, August 10, 2012

Another "Sweetest Place on Earth"

Now I know that Hershey, Pennsylvania claims to be the "sweetest place on earth," but I think they have some real competition from a small independently owned shop - Dosie Dough, in Lititz, Pennsylvania.  Recently I was spending some time in Lititz visiting daughter Lindsay and her family.  On the way out of town I decided to stop at this place and grab a quick bite to eat.

Every other time I had driven by, I noticed that no matter what time of day, if the shop is open the tables out front of the bakery were filled with people.  Visiting with friends.  Having a coffee with their newspaper.  Taking a break from walking the dog.  Or just stopping for some goodies.

So I figured, when with the locals, do as the locals do.  I easily twisted my own arm (how does that happen?) and went in for a look.  And let's be frank here:  I would definitely be coming out with something good.

Inside the shop were cases and shelves of breads, bagels, and pastries of all sorts.  Breakfast and lunch selections were available, and after I tormented myself by wanting some of everything made my one selection, I noted that even one shelf offered dog treats baked locally.

This is a unique coffee shop that reflects the warmth of the owner.  Friendly staff and a pleasant outdoor cafe-like area offer a pleasant place to sit and enjoy your coffee and goodies.

The shop was bursting at the seams, and every which way I looked there was something that made me smile.  The entrance to the bake room:

A painting on the wall behind me:

I made my selection, and headed outside to find a shady spot to enjoy my coffee and cheese danish.  


Since I am not from Lititz, I am not concerned a bit about what people were thinking when I began to swoon and moan after biting into my cheese danish.  I was transported away somewhere in breakfast bliss, and oops, I almost forgot to take a picture, but here it is anyway:

It was bigger than my whole hand!
So there you have it folks - Hershey, Pennsylvania does not have the corner of the market on sweetest places.
Do you know of any others?

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  1. You entered my idea of heaven on earth. OH - yum and you picked probably what I would've. That is the best looking cheese danish I think I have ever seen. It looks like a sweet place [pun intended] - I wish we had something here like that, but nope. The suburbs are alive, well [I suppose] and bustling. It's Starbucks or nuthin'. Sigh.

    Well, you COULD always come here. I always have something sweet floating around. Except now I want a cheese danish. Dangit. No cheese to be had.

    ::noshing a chocolate chip cookie:: This will have to do. :D

    Have a great weekend!