Sunday, August 19, 2012

An Alpaca Meet n' Greet

So I was looking for another fun adventure to enjoy with twin granddaughters Tori and Brianna, and decided on another animal adventure, since anything to do with animals thrills the girls.  I had read somewhere about Patchwork Farm Alpacas near Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania, so we headed in that direction.    Located along the serene stream of Middle Creek in lush green pastures, we found the alpacas resting and playing in the shade of maple trees.

On the way there I had told the girls we were going to see some animals that perhaps they had never seen before.  I told them we will be visiting ALPACAS.

Here's how our conversation in the car went:

Me:  How will you remember the name of these animals?

Tori:  I don't know.

Me:  What animal makes the sound of "whoooo,  whooooo?"

Brianna:  An owl!

Me:  Ok, remember OWL.  Now what is it called if you take your lunch to school?

Tori:  Pack a lunch!

Me:  Right!  Remember the Pack a part.  Now put those two together and what do you get?

Both:  Owl Pack a!!!!!

Me:  Close enough.

Let me just say this is a fun and friendly place.  Both the caretaker and the alpacas welcomed us to their place.

First the girls were able to get a close up chance to meet and pet a one-month-old alpaca.  There were several other "babies" with their mamas in that area too.

Then we went out to look at the alpacas in the pasture, and the girls thought it was funny to see this alpaca just laying in the pool, cooling off.

Near the barn there were small bags of feed pellets available that you could "purchase" for a donation.  The girls first headed to feed these three large alpacas, who didn't want any of the food, but were more interested in messing with the girls' headbands and the flowers on them.  The caretaker said, "it figures, those are teenage boys."

Since the boys weren't hungry, we moved back to the other corral and several alpacas came running down the hill to us when the caretaker called for them.  They were happy to eat all the pellets out of the girls' hands.  We noticed they have rather long teeth on their bottom jaws, and it was explained that alpacas do not have any teeth on the top.  That was a surprise to me, for sure.

While they were getting their snack, the caretaker told us a few things about alpacas.  

1.  They do not have upper teeth.

2.  They are smart animals, having roughly the same I. Q. as dogs.

3.  They each have a distinct personality, just like people do.

4.  They like people and will come when called by name.  There are 47 alpacas at this farm.

After meeting and visiting with the alpacas, we headed to the small (but overflowing!) gift store.  Available there were clothing and gifts made from alpaca fiber.  The girls picked out two cuddly alpacas, of course.  

They named their alpacas Prince (a girl though) and Fluffy.
Another great adventure.  Some more happy times.  And some more stuffed animals to add to their extensive collection.  Their father is not happy about that..... Oops!


  1. They love comming home from being with you showing off new stuffed animals lol. I assume you will be helping us move the massive colony of stuffed animals you helped them aquire when we purchase a home :). Rachel

  2. We have a lot of alpaca here and I love them. I enjoy knitting alpaca. It's soft and toasty warm. As always, the girls are beyond precious. Sounds like it was a nice day with grandma.

  3. This looks like a lot of fun and I love Alpacas. Don't have anyone around here with them though.

  4. Alpacas were quite the thing around here. Had an alpaca farm across the road from here.

  5. The alpacas love visitors. We enjoyed meeting you and the twins and hope to see you again. Your pictures turned out great!

  6. Jane, those were my girls :). Rachel gordner