Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Wednesday's Woes

Well it's that time again.  Mid-week, which means that I just need to whine a tiny little bit.  I promise I'll be back to my lovable, happy, kind self tomorrow.  If I could just have coffee and whine with my lady friends, all the problems would be gone and I'd have no need to do this.  Alas, it didn't work out, so here goes.  These are the things that are frustrating me right now:

1.  Wendy's
     The last 17 times, no actually 17 years, I have been eating lunch at the Wendy's in my town, they get my chicken sandwich wrong.  It happened again this week.  How hard is it to get "everything" on your sandwich when you ask for "everything?"

2.  Weather blogging.  Dislike.  Very much.  (Just one step above whine blogging, I suppose.)

3.  The neighbor's little rat dog that barks incessantly.  And I swear it has been alive for at least 37 years.

4.  The snake corpse that is STILL stuck in the bottom of my garbage can.

5.  Squirrel battles at our bird feeders.  My son says he can "take care of it."

6.  Contractors that do not show up on the appointed date.  And don't call to tell you, either.

7.  Standing and waiting, while my puppy is potsing around, trying to find the exact perfect 2 inches of real estate to do business with, when I am the one who really needs to go.

8.  "How To" books I've bought that don't really tell me "how to."

9.  The container of couscous in my pantry that never goes away.

10.  The dark chocolate that was in my pantry and is now missing.

11.  The scale.  Enough.  Said.

12.  Store bought salsa labelled "Medium" that is still clearing my sinuses 24 hours later.

13.  A $1.99 item on sale for $1.00 but "Must Buy 10" in fine print.

14.  Too many dog farts in my vicinity.

15.  Seeing this in a public food store:

Thank you friends for reading.  I now feel very much lighter and better.  Here's the reality though:

I really can't complain, and I shouldn't.  


  1. The "medium" salsa I buy isn't hot enough. Guess I need to get the "hot" Pace Salsa. Of course they say that when you get as old as me spices don't taste as strong.

  2. Whine away my dear. They all cracked me up - especially the salsa one. Oh and the dog thing? Sometimes it is all I can do not to plant my dachshund's behind ON the grass and menancingly whisper in her ear "HERE looks good. Go now or we're going to have the "fishbait" discussion again. Capiche?" She drives me BONKERS with the pacing, turning, arching, no that isn't right, turn, turn, turn, pace, arch...ahhhhhhhhhhhh!

    OOps I don't think the idea was for me to whine too. giggle But thanks! :)

    Wanna trade dogs?

  3. Spot--I think Clarence is the only creature on God's green earth that can even tolerate that mutt. Can't even count the number of days I come home from work, jump out of the car within steps of my personal happy place and that yappy beast does his bark/jump thing and sucks the joy out of the moment! Sad thing is, he'll probably outlive us all.

  4. #10 ALWAYS happens to me! #15 cracked me up:DDD Sometimes it is good to see the things other people hate because now i know I'm not alone!!
    from the photo-girl: Eli