Sunday, August 26, 2012

Just a Walk in the Park

This is my granddaughter Ellie.

She is cute.

No, she is ADORABLE.

Look again, in case you weren't convinced.

She likes popsicles too.  A lot.

Ellie and I spent the day together recently, and we decided to do what women do best - go shopping.

So, we cruised the town, mostly window shopping.

We found some neat stuff to look at.  These gourds took her eye.  Ellie wanted to touch them.  All of them.  We had to move on.

Down the road a bit, Ellie told me she liked these guys.  

I needed to have a talk with her so we stopped for a bit.

I told her that guys are dumb, especially until they are about 35.  She agreed, so we moved on.

She liked these puppies, but they weren't very friendly.

We stopped at the local pretzel store, and bought some pretzels to take along for the walk.  WE LOVE PRETZELS and think everyone should eat lots of pretzels.

In fact, we headed to the park and shared our pretzels with the duck population there, and they LOVED them too.

Sometimes Ellie didn't want to share, but I told her sharing is a good thing.  And then she smiled.

Just a lovely walk in the park.  And I sure do love that girl!


  1. Oh Jill. Jill.Jill.Jill.

    I swear I swoon everytime I see a baby and I want one. [Like five wasn't enough?] But alas, we're too old.

    Then I see the gorgeousness that is your lil' granddaughter - gosh she is PRECIOUS - and realize the best is yet to come. YIPPEEE.

    I think the duck pic' is my favorite. Or the last one. No wait...popsicle. All too great.

  2. Ellie is indeed precious & I enjoyed your walk. Very nice.