Saturday, August 4, 2012


There they lay in front of me, three beautiful baby girl triplets.  The responsibility of caring for them weighed heavily on my mind.  What an awesome yet serious task!

For the moment all was peaceful and quiet, and then all hell broke loose.  Three babies were crying, no, not crying, screaming, at once!

Ok I guess they are hungry, let's try holding, walking, jiggling.  No that's not working.  Baby 1 and Baby 3 are somewhat calmed down but not Baby 2.  Not at all.  Still screaming.  LOUDLY.

Maybe the diapers are loaded.  Let's check.  Baby 1 - a little wet but I got it.  No problem.  Baby 1 is settling.  Baby 3 - somebody turned on the hose in those britches.  I can handle it.  Baby 3 is now dry and clean.  Baby 2 is still screaming.  I am feeling I could scream.

Baby 2 was apparently having some sort of a sh*t tsunami in her diaper while I was busy with Baby 1 and Baby 3.  I can not only smell it, but now I can also see the slop creeping down inside the pretty pink legs of 2's little leotards.  I make an attempt to begin changing Baby 2, who does not want to cooperate at all.

Forget it, Baby 2 is too hard.  She can sit in her mess until later.

There are three cute little baby outfits laid out, ready for the little girls to wear, so I begin putting the first one on Baby 1.  So cute!  She coos and giggles and I am smitten.  Dressed, Baby 1 is put down on the play mat to amuse herself for a while.

Baby 2 is still screaming.  I want to scream now.

Baby 3 is chirping over there, pleasantly waiting her turn at being dressed.  Gently and carefully I put Baby 3's outfit on her, and then place her together with Baby 1 to play.  They are both so adorable and happy.

The decibel level of Baby 2's screams has risen now to a making-me-insane level.  Forget dressing her.  She can stay in her dirty clothing.

Time for breakfast.  I place the 3 little girls into their triplet feeding apparatus, and begin shoveling (or trying to shovel in the case of a still screaming #2) baby oatmeal.  Spoon to #1, skip #2, spoon to #3, repeat.  Baby 2 is still, you guessed it, screaming.  

There is no rest for the weary (weary being me) because now it is time again for another diaper change.  Baby 2 still won't cooperate and is still howling.  

For whatever reason I start removing Baby 1's socks.  She is wearing two pairs, which confuses me momentarily.  I don't recall even putting socks on her.  Baby 3 is just as puzzling; I remove 4 pairs of baby booties and 1 pair of knee highs.  Weird.

Then, what in the world is going on with Baby 2?  I peel off countless socks and several pairs of leotards, none of them matching pairs.  Layer after layer of socks come off.  I don't know where that messy diaper went, either.  It's gone.  Baby 2 is cackling hilariously at me as if she has pulled a good one over on me, and I believe she has, for I wake up and realize....

I'm sure a dream psychologist would have a heyday with me on this dream.  Funny how I can remember some dreams so clearly, but others are gone upon waking. 

Have you had a recent memorable dream?


  1. This dream of yours seems like such a realistic part of my life about 5 years ago! Rachel

  2. Oh dear, sounds a bit like a nightmare! lol

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  4. The first picture looks like real life baby powerpuff girls. very cute.