Monday, August 6, 2012

Legally Blonde

This past Saturday, the husband/lover/best friend and my parents and I ventured out for an adventure of a different variety.  We travelled to Lancaster, Pennsylvania to the Dutch Apple Dinner Theater to see their production of "Legally Blonde the Musical."  Although I had never yet attended a show at this venue, this theater has been around a while - it is in its 27th season, and "Legally Blonde" is the 198th production.

Entrance to the property
From start to finish, this was a top-notch production.  The storyline involves college sweetheart and homecoming queen Elle Woods, who doesn't take no for an answer.  So, when her rich boyfriend dumps her, Elle puts down the credit card, hits the books, and follows him to Harvard Law School!  Based on the hit movie, "Legally Blonde the Musical" is an all-singing, all-dancing, feel good musical comedy.  The verdict?  This much fun shouldn't be legal!

There were no cameras allowed once the production began, so I will just show you what I can, and emphasize that we all enjoyed ourselves from the moment we arrived at the nicely landscaped property until we drove away still laughing and sharing with each other the parts that had really caught our attentions.

We were dropped off by the husband/lover/best friend/chauffeur at a nicely groomed and shaded entryway.  Making our way into the comfortable lobby and gift shop area, our attentions were immediately captured by the far wall displaying the photos of actors and actresses for this production.  They all have many performances under their belts and come from all areas of the country.  


Looking at the cast collage we had our first clue that we would be seeing a lot of pink.  Ditzy blondes, pouffy hair, pink, pink, and more pink.  

We entered the theater itself and were escorted to our table for four.  We had excellent seats in the front section - close enough to see all the facial expressions clearly, but not too close to lose the dialog under the live four-person pit orchestra music.  

Not surprisingly, the theater curtain was lit up entirely in pink.  

Our waitress took our drink orders and then we were free to help ourselves to the dinner buffet.  There were three entrees - sweet and sour pulled pork, tilapia, and honey dijon chicken.  In addition there were numerous side dishes, a full salad bar and rolls.  Between the four of us we tried it all, and it all was delicious.   


All the while I was eating my dinner, in the back of my mind I was thinking of the dessert buffets.  Not one, but two!  One was a spread of various cakes and pies.  The other was an ice cream sundae station - ice cream and every imaginable topping.

I limited myself to two yummy items from the cake/pie table but that is only because I pigged out previously at the dinner portion of the meal  was fairly full.  Of course, being in Lancaster county it was imperative that one of my dessert selections be shoofly pie.  

After all the diners were finished with their meals, coffee and tea were served, the lights were dimmed, and the curtain rose.  

I must admit that sometimes during musicals my mind wanders and I daydream, especially during those longgggg and boring songs.  But not this time.  Maybe it was the high energy level, perhaps it was the costuming, maybe it was the funny character portrayals.  I don't know, but this time I was fully engaged for the entire performance.  

Although no photos were allowed during the show itself, I assure you it was fun, well done, and over way too soon.   Following the show, we were pleasantly surprised to be greeted in the lobby by the entire cast.  I will definitely be checking the Dutch Apple Dinner Theater schedule for the fall of 2012 and into 2013.  

  It was something different to do on a Saturday, 
and it was a great adventure!

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  1. Sounds like fun! The movie was a riot, so I can't imagine how fun it was as a play with food!