Friday, February 1, 2013

Previews of the Big Day

No I'm not referring to Super Bowl Sunday, I'm talking about Ground Hog Day.  It's tomorrow, and at last we will learn for certain if we will suffer through an extended winter or enjoy an early spring.

Two years ago on a road trip, the husband/lover/driver took me out towards the general area in western Pennsylvania near Punxetawney Phil, that little fat guy that makes our weather prognostications.  However, we were only in his general vicinity.  Instead, we spent most of our time watching the elk in the Benezette area which made for a great weekend of fun.

So here then are some previews for you of the big day.  The blogmaker of this post has deemed this preview to be suitable for audiences of all ages.  Coming to a theater climate near you February 2, 2013.

Happy Winter.  Happy Spring.  Que sera, sera.

I certainly won't be betting any money on the pig, and I won't be putting away my winter coat, either.

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  1. Do you know how Benezette got its name? My Grandpa told me that there were two brothers, one named Benny who lived there and they liked to play in the woods. One day the one brother came running home after a bear ate his brother Benny and kept yelling Benezette, Bennezette . . .