Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Puppy Love

Sheila, at last year's ice festival
With Valentine's Day only hours away, who cannot resist showering a little love on those furry and oh so cute and affectionate members of the family?  I cannot, that's for sure.

Puppy Sheila's "main man" son Caleb recently returned home from a 10 day trip, and during that time she and I enjoyed some bonding, including much spoiling and bending of the usually strong as steel rules.  My son tells me I've "created a monster."  I don't know what he's talking about.

So for today, I'm just going to show you all of the puppy photos I've been saving up for a while.  Sheila is a happy, energetic, 19 month old weimaraner.  Her grandfather won Best in Class in the Westminster Dog Show, so we know she comes from a very good family line and she is VERY SMART.  Too smart sometimes.  

Recently, like many of us, though, Sheila came down with the doggie flu.  She was miserable, and shook so badly for hours that Caleb even had her sleep with him on the other side of his bed to keep an eye on her.  She normally spends the night cozy in her kennel.

Yup, she was one sick pup.
After about a day and a half she was back to her old self.  In fact she seemed to have "no worries" at all, not even the vacuum cleaner.

"I'm fine. "
Sheila had received a Christmas gift that she loved - it was a two foot long string bone with several tennis balls attached in it.  Here is what's currently left of it:

It seemed like it was time for a new one, and boy was she excited to get her new toy.  We had to disappear the old one into the very bottom of the trash can, as she has been known to retrieve toys we have discarded in the past.

While Caleb was away, Sheila was my good buddy, sleeping right next to my desk as I worked.  She drags her bed around the house to always be in the same room with all her human buddies.  

She often "nurses" her blankie, a common trait of the weimaraner breed, but funny to see such a big dog doing so:

Sheila loves to greet the school children as they walk by to their bus stops.

I love it when she "greets" me too.


And sometimes she thinks she's just one of the birds.

At 65 to 70 pounds, I'm not sure if she qualifies as a lap dog.  What do you think?

Even though Sheila is overly energetic, sometimes annoying, and always under foot, there is no denying that she is a very lovable puppy.

Give your furry friends some lovin' today.  They need it too.


  1. I have met very few dogs that I didn't like. Our three are treated like royalty. My wife even cooks special for them. If I am good, some times I get some of the "dog" food.

  2. She is adorable! I love all kinds of dogs:)
    Sheila looks like she is very loved!

  3. He is such a handsome boy, isn't he?

    Oh - and I left you HIGH props on my post today [about Valentine's Day] after I read your comment.

    Soooo romantic. I would steal your idea, but I don't think the owners of our first home together would appreciate us in their living room this evening. Y'think? giggle Love you!

    [And my doggy is getting her love as a walk in the park. Her fav' thing. It is gorgeous here today. Enjoy your picnic :D]