Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Sun Room Remodel Reveal

Yes, folks!  It's finally time (thank goodness this mess is over) to show you the final room of the three rooms we have been renovating since, oh, about last July.  If you haven't seen the first two reveals you can catch up and read about them here:

     1.  first floor bathroom redo

     2.  home office redo

Ironically, the first floor bathroom had its toilet installed the very day after the last of all of our holiday guests left.  We had 9 people living here for an extended time, and as many as 17 here at once for meals.  Oh well.

By the way, the space that all three of these rooms occupy was not part of the original 1890's house.  The bathroom and office area had been added, and we think it was used as a summer kitchen back in the day.  The sun room which you will finally see here today started as just a concrete slab out the back,  outside of the kitchen.  Our children used to play out on it with the neighborhood kids when they were little.  One day we enclosed it, and things just progressed from there over the years.  Now it is a heated comfortable four season sun room.  I guess it's our home's version of a den.

But first, so you can get the full effect of the relief I feel at finishing this project, take a look at some BEFORE pictures.  Here we see the sun room as it was while the adjacent office was being redone:

And in this view (looking in from the kitchen doorway) the sun room renovation is well underway.  The office and bathroom are behind that pink fuzzy wall, and the small window in that same wall will go away.

And now, here is the finished room looking from the same angle:

Since the couch is a queen sized sofa bed and the curtains and blinds can close off the room, this adds another guest room for use at holidays.  Here are a few other views looking in from the same direction:

Here's how it looks coming into the room from the yard:

That brown stool is handy and conceals all of our puppy's toys, leashes, and poop bags when not in use.

And I knew when I saw this unique lamp in the furniture store that it would add a little sumthin sumthin to the decor of this room.  

There is still the matter of building this dog kennel into an actual piece of furniture resembling an end table.  The husband/lover/carpenter will be getting busy on that as soon as I crack the whip he buys the materials.  But that will have to wait for another reveal later. 

All in all, we are more than happy with the way these three rooms turned out.  They feel very functional and comfortable for us, and as we love to have our families and friends visit, they will offer us more useful space for congregating.  

But really, right now, I'm just glad the project is DONE.  


  1. That is an wonderful sunroom! I especially like how you hid the dog toys and crate:) Those are good ideas!

  2. That looks really good, Mom! Everything turned out really nice! Maybe I'll come visit over spring break. :)

  3. Beautiful!!

  4. So very beautiful! Things really turned out well.

  5. Beautiful and a lot of hard work. That lamp is beautiful.

  6. beautiful and well worth the wait and all the hard work....its all gorgeous...congratulations on a job very well done..!!

  7. Can you open the windows? 'Cos if so, I think a nice ceiling fan would be a great addition to your sunroom. It's already a great space, don't get me wrong. It seems more spacious now and has a more harmonious scheme. The fan is just to improve the natural atmosphere in the room.

  8. Your sunroom looks so cozy, especially with the addition of those plants. They added some color and texture to the area concealing, but somewhat emphasizing as well, the beauty of your sunroom. There’s no need to add so much embellishments there. What that you have there's already perfect!
    Aldo Finney @ Jacob Sunroom & Exteriors