Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Crafty Valentine Game

It is the Month of Amore, as the husband/lover/romantic has informed me.  Every morning so far in February I have received a nice letter starting with the phrase, "I Love You More Than _____."  It makes me happy when I wake up and find one of these notes somewhere where he knew I'd find it.

So today I'm thinking about Valentine's Day.  Yes, I know there are many who don't celebrate it, and all with good reason.  Perhaps it is a communist plot formulated by the Hallmark folks, the florists, and the chocolate makers to take away all of our money.

I don't look at it that way though.  Later this year the husband and I will be celebrating our 35th wedding anniversary, and we didn't get to here by ignoring our love for each other.  Therefore, in our own small and inexpensive ways, we do find ways to make this little holiday special.

When we were raising our family of four small children, we didn't have two nickels to rub together, like many folks nowadays.  In those days, we learned to write notes and letters that didn't cost a thing.  Anyway, who doesn't like getting a love letter?

Our kids are all grown up, and now I'm enjoying the times I spend with my grandkiddos.  Hopefully I'll see some of them before Valentines Day, and if so, I need to have some fun ideas in my back pocket.

Here's a simple game of tic tac toe I created.  My twin granddaughters are six and enjoy playing simple games with each other.  I think they will like this.  (They are so funny.  The other day Tori told me she "got" her boyfriend, but then she "got rid of" him.  She doesn't believe me yet when I tell her boys are dumb.)

First I found some Valentines Day craft papers in my pile of crafty stuff.

Also, recently I had purchased some colorful crafting tape.  I have another project in mind for it, but I thought it could work for this game too.

I decided to go with the polka dot paper and tape.  I simply pulled off strips and stuck them onto the paper to make the tic tac toe grid.  Easy peasy.

There was no measuring, no muss, no fuss.  I just eyeballed it and stuck the tape down.  Excess tape on the ends was tucked around the back.

Of course we need some game pieces, and what could be better for Valentines Day than chocolate hearts?  How fortunate that Dove makes candy hearts in two different wrappings.  And no, I am not being paid to endorse Dove Candy Company.  I'm just promoting chocolate.

The winner of each round gets to eat one of the candies.

Of course, the rip-roaring and fun play continues until all of the candies are consumed.

Then quickly send the kids home to their parents....


  1. You come up with the cutest things. I would have never thought of that. Maybe that is because I am one of those dumb boys. . .

  2. What a cute way to enjoy the granddaughters. Very creative indeed.

  3. what a cute idea....you certainly are creative :)

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