Thursday, January 31, 2013

Tramoculous Technology

Yes, that is a made up word, but if it were a real word, here is what the Wiktionary definition would show:

     (Adjective.)  Incredibly amazing.
     Comparative:  more tramoculous
     Superlative:  most tramoculous
     Antonyms:  dull, boring

Before I get to the technology which I think is most tramoculous, let me remind us all (how could we forget) that we are currently in a nasty season of flu and misery.  I think I even heard that Boston was closed the other day.

Some days I am confident that I am staying ahead of it.  Then other days, not so much.

So far all we've had in this household are the head cold, snotty, snuffly, coughing ailments.  Miserable enough, but I suppose it could be worse.  

Understandably, in the past month we've gone through a massive amount of tissues and orange juice, which leads me to what I find to be truly tramoculous technology.  

(Hee hee - I'm upsetting Google's spell checker.  Every time I type tramoculous it gets upset and gives the red underline.  Take that, Google.  I can type it anyway.  Tramoculous.  Tramoculous.  Tramoculous.)

Back to the technology.  Lately, whenever I head to the grocery store for supplies, I've been tossing some orange juice and tissues into the cart.  On one of these restocking trips, there on the cap of the orange juice jug was a coupon for a particular box of tissues - some type of tissues that give a cooling effect to your sore nose area.

I normally wouldn't have bought that type of tissues, heck, I'd never even heard of them before, and when I looked for them they were a tad more expensive.  But with a coupon for a free box, I tossed one into the cart.

And, wow, they were amazing!  Usually by the tail end of a head cold, my nose is so sore that I dig out some old well worn men's hankies, just because they are softer than most tissues.  If not, I know the skin under my nose will be peeling by the time the head cold is done running its course, pun intended.

These tissues actually do give a sensation of being cold when you pull one out of the box and put it to your face.  Tramoculous, truly.

I'm not being paid by Kleenex to endorse these "cool touch" tissues, and in fact, I probably wouldn't buy them.  When I read the fine print on the bottom of the box, I learned their 3-ply layers are somehow infused with Aloe which gives the sensation of coolness, but would be a disaster for me when using a tissue to clean my glasses.  

However, I was truly impressed with this new technology because it really just doesn't take that much to amuse me some days.  Simply TRAMOCULOUS.

Oh, and by the way, I'm feeling very much better by now, thank you very much.  


  1. Glad you are feeling better and I love your new word. I think we should all come up with new words now and then, if for no other reason than to confuse folks.

  2. Those tissues are amazing! We get them with every bad cold. L