Friday, February 8, 2013

Obsessions - Part 1

Lately I've been finding myself doing the same thing over and over.  Enough so that I can justifiably call myself obsessed about this.  You see, I keep looking up sunny, warm places on the internet and dreaming of going to them.  I seem to be obsessed with finding the best-in-the-world tropical destination resort.

I don't know why I'm doing this.

Maybe it's because it is mid-January in central Pennsylvania.

Perhaps it's because I've only seen the sun for about 12 minutes in the last 17 days, and I've just heard the weather people talking something about a storm coming, and using adjectives for it like "epic."

It might be because I'm feeling somewhat trapped at home, or at least fairly immobilized by this boot I must wear.  Getting around easily in snow and slush is not possible for me right now.

Maybe it's because this is the year of our 35th wedding anniversary, and it seems like we should have some kind of wing dinger of a trip to celebrate the occasion.

It's possible that I just need the endorphins from some sun and warmth.

Whatever the reason, as I said, I'm looking at way too many photos and fighting with my right pointer finger that keeps wanting to "click here to reserve now" on each of the websites I drool over.

I'm gonna share my finds with you folks, and you can tell me to stop now or dream on.  (Or do the "click here" thing.)

Obsession #1:  Paradisus Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Here is a view of the entry to the main lobby.  They put out quite a warm and inviting welcome, don't they?

Next we have a pool view from one of the massage huts on the resort:

And finally a view of several of the resort villas, each with its own access straight into the pool:

Obsession #2:  Sandals La Toc Resort, St. Lucia

It's hard for me to stop dreaming of this place, especially since the husband/lover/best friend and I enjoyed ourselves last year at a Sandals resort in Jamaica.  This one looks fairly amazing too.  Of course, I would want to have one of these suites up on the bluff overlooking the ocean.

Here is a view looking out from the living area to our own private pool and hot tub.  Oh, and that would be our butler bringing us a nice cool beverage.

And finally here's the view of our own private slice of heaven on earth - a refreshing infinity pool and a hot tub.  Notice the suite doors retract to allow convenient access to the outdoor living area.

Obsession #3 - Jade Mountain, St. Lucia

This resort is quite unique in that each suite has only three walls.  The open fourth side allows the  infinity pool to stretch out from within towards the sunshine and views.

Each sanctuary is decorated and tiled in a different color scheme and varies in size (and price).

Imagine stepping right out of your living area into your own infinity pool.  I could put up with it.  For at least a week or so.

Obsession #4 - The St. Regis Bora Bora Resort, French Polynesia

What attract me to this resort are the over the water villas.  Guests can easily slip right into the tropical waters and enjoy swimming and snorkeling right from their own suite.  In fact, some of the villas have their own pool also, as does this one:

A unique thing about these villas is that there is a glass viewing area within the living room.  You could sit with your coffee and watch all sorts of sea life right under your toes.


And here's one final look at this resort.  This is the view looking out into the lagoon from the bedroom of the villa.  I could certainly enjoy waking up to this each morning.  How about you?

Well, that's enough obsessing for now.  It doesn't hurt to dream though, does it?  Which one gets your vote?  

More obsessions to come......


  1. Well considering we were supposed to go to the Sandal's La Toc, that would be my first pick. The only thing holding me back from Bora Bora is the long flight... but for those accommodations, I think I will tough it out.

  2. Wait. Let me get this straight. . .I describe a delicious cake, but leave off my recipe and I AM the meanie?

    What's that make you? Travel agent for the impossible dream? ::laughing::

    You aren't kidding we all need a little sunshine. It is ridiculous. And now with the snow y'all are getting. I am so sorry. I am. It missed us, and for once I am glad we aren't getting it. You know me, I usual pray for it, but this time that amount would shut us down for weeks [we're weanies down here in the south].

    I completely emphathize with the whole stuck in the house thing. And now...I wish I could get Oscarz up there and we could go snowmobiling Oscarz style [he's about the right size] but I will pray that your foot heals on the fast track and you are able to sport a snow boot instead of the [I am sure] fashion statement you are wearing now.

    Your the best. Now take you pretty pictures and go home. ::harrumph::
    [I kid, I kid]

  3. If I was in PA now, I would be obsessed with the same idea:)

  4. You need to come down this way. We have a lot of sunny warm days, even in the winter. Last year, winter was on a Thursday (grin). Actually, it had been a cooler than normal winter this year, even got down to freezing two nights. But mostly the days are in the 60's and 70's and the days are longer than up there. The further north you go the shorter the days in the winter but the longer the days in the summer. Don't come this Sunday, they are predicting some rain.

  5. I would go to any of these. My niece went to the Dominican Republic last summer as a graduation present. She said it was just stunning.

  6. I am definitely of the click here group. Now I have to go check these places out. It is cold here, but at least it is sunny this week

  7. Click here now on jade mountain. You've been looking at it since you helped me with Ellie. Just doooooo it!