Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A Lucky Clover For Your Home

I was playing again, playing with tape.  Have I mentioned lately about my obsession with washi tape?  Oh yes, of course I have.  You can read about it back in this post.  Go read it, and you too can acquire this new obsession.

So I'm all about the holidays, and we're only a few weeks out from St. Patrick's Day.  And I have this tape.  So look what happened:

I started with a pattern for a four leaf clover and gathered up several rolls of tape in the colors of mostly green and black.  You can draw the shape by using four heart shapes and a stem.  I cheated and printed a clover shape from the internet.

Then I started taping across the shape, making sure to overlap the tape edges a tiny bit so that no white spaces would show.

Continue taping until the entire clover shape is covered.  

Next carefully cut out the shape.  I decided to cut along the outer edges of my border.  I held the picture so that I was looking at the back, so it was easy to clearly see the border while cutting.

At this point make sure all the tapes are pressed down securely and gather up some newspaper, a foam craft brush, and some Modge Podge.  Modge Podge is what is commonly used to seal and preserve completed jigsaw puzzles.  Paint a coat over the clover and allow it to dry for about a half hour.  This will preserve the picture so none of the tapes will come loose over the years.  

Now you are ready to mount your clover.  I had an extra shadow box frame which I had gotten in a previous BOGO sale (buy one, get one free).  I found a background paper in shades of gold (don't Leprechauns love gold?) and cut it to fit the frame for the background.  Since I was using a shadow box, I decided to mount the clover using 3 dimensional foam dot circles.  Ek tools has very easy foam dot circle stickers to use for this purpose, and I found them in my local craft store.

Finally I tied a twine bow onto the stem, stuck it onto the background paper and put it into the frame.  Here is my finished lucky clover:

I think every household should have at least one lucky clover somewhere during this season.  Without it, who knows what mischief those little leprechauns will be getting into?  This one will be part of my mantle display.  But the mantle reveal have to wait for another day, until all the other pieces are complete.  

Can you tell I'm having fun in my new office?


  1. I just love how clever you are. I have gotten so many ideas from your posts. Most of them will have to wait till we leave this area. I am just too busy to try to do one other thing. Thanks for all the great ideas!

  2. This came out so cute! I am not very familiar with washi tape, but I am going to have to check it out!

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