Sunday, February 17, 2013

Last Night I Dreamed About....

....every possible stupid thing there is to dream about.  I'm sure of it.  Although my memory this morning only contains tiny fragments of my kaleidoscope of dreams, none of it makes any sense.

Today I'm exhausted.

Has this ever happened to you?

I was thinking back to some of the weirdo dreams I've had over the years that have left some sort of impression after waking, and I feel fairly certain that a dream therapist would have a heyday with some of the dreams I'd report to him.  After analyzing them, he would probably come to the conclusion that this is one messed up lady.  Who knows?  I dream what I dream.  (That sounds deep.)

Here are some of the more memorable scenarios I've dreamed about over the years.  Some of these dreams reoccur and others do not.

1.  Snakes in the bed
      I've dreamed many times that somehow a snake has gotten into my bed, and typically I kick the husband/lover/bedmate with such force that he wakes me to protect himself.  Somehow this dream seems so real that even once I wake from it, I'm not entirely convinced that there really is no snake in the bed.  Have I mentioned that I dislike snakes?

2.  I have a dream on occasion in which I'm back in high school and going to gym class.  In the locker room before gym, I undress to discover either
      a) I'm still wearing my pajama bottoms under my skirt, or
      b) I'm wearing nothing at all under my skirt.
This is totally embarrassing and difficult to keep either situation hidden from the girls dressing around me, and especially the girl sharing my locker with me.

3.  Other dreams return me to high school also, and in one I am on a gonna-be-late-for-class-because-I-can't-find-my-locker run.  Then when I do find the right locker, or at least the locker I think is mine, I can't get the combination to work.  I try every permutation and combination of the three combination numbers I can think of, and when none of that works, I question whether I even have the correct three numbers.  Meanwhile all the classroom doors are closing and classes are starting.  I am late, and I am sweating.

4.  In this fun dream I am fishing and I hook THE BIG ONE, whose strength and massive size is too much for me and so he drags me out off of the shoreline.  I'm not lettin' go though, no way, and so I become somewhat of a snorkeler/fisher, all the while still trying to reel him in.  I have no idea how this dream ends.

5.  In many dreams I FLY down a stairway, instead of walking down.  It's fun, but I always see that wall ahead of me coming too fast, and I don't know where the brakes are.

6.  In this particularly alarming dream, I am running late for my last final exam of my senior year of college.  Rushing and running across campus, I finally arrive, only to discover that the test has been moved to another location, and nobody is anywhere around to tell me to where it has been moved.  I run and check building after building and it is like a ghost town.  I fear the worst - missing and therefore failing the exam, and consequently not graduating from college.

I'll stop now before you think I am totally loony, even though there are plenty more where these came from.  Somehow, though, I'm pretty sure each of us has our own doozies of dreams we could share.

Maybe I'll go take a little nap.......


  1. Maybe you better stop eating Limburger cheese, Baloney sandwiches, and hot peppers before going to bed. . .

  2. lol @ Dizzy-Dick...I often dream and they wake me up from a deep sleep but in the morning I never seem to remember them...

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