Monday, February 25, 2013

Sunday Afternoon at the Theater

My six year old grandtwins and I were well overdue for another theater date, and so off we went yesterday together to see Imago Theatre's live stage production of "ZooZoo"  at the Community Arts Center in Williamsport, Pennsylvania.

The husband/lover/chauffeur drove us first to pick up Tori and Brianna, who, as usual, were all dressed up and ready for the theater.  This is the first time they appeared with loaded pocketbooks, and on the drive from their home to the theater, they proceeded to empty out and show me every single item contained in their purses, including an outdated driver's license (Brianna:  "Mommy says I should have this because when I get older, I will probably look like her"), snacks, and hand sanitizer (Tori:  "If I use this on my hands, it will make my purse smell really good.")

Upon arrival, the girls looked for the theater doormen with their big top hats who usually "get us out of the car" (Tori) .  "I think they only wear those funny hats at the night shows."  (Brianna)

We made our way to our seats and still had a few minutes to play a few games of tic tac toe before showtime.  Then the lights lowered and the curtain rose and it was all fun from there on.

The innovative Imago Theatre's "ZooZoo" has been described as Cirque Du Soleil evoking acrobatics mixed with mime, dance, music, and special effects, set in a unique avant-garde playground.  The show featured creatures such as Polar Bears, Bug Eyes, Anteaters, Frogs, Cats, Hippos, and Penguins.

We watched two giant frogs coping with a third frog who was rambunctious and clumsy.

A cat was trapped for a long time in a super large paper bag.

Two hippos suffering from insomnia amused us with their antics as they stole each other's covers and fought for bed space.

One anteater waiter tried to serve another anteater, until both discovered that eating ants off the heads of the theater patrons was much more fun.  Oh how the girls giggled when they came to the bald guy in the second row!

We watched two polar bear parents in a windy, cold, and foggy land try to keep their three cubs in line.  The cubs were unruly and enjoyed climbing over the theater guests' seats at times.  Tori whispered in my ear at one point, "We're Ok.  They won't come all the way back to our seats." Ever the brave one, she is not.

Finally we laughed as five large penguins played an impromptu game of musical chairs.  Along the way one of the losing penguins creatively tricked an audience member out of her chair.  

It was truly a zany collection of illusion and comedy, and we simply had great fun seeing it together.  

Afterwards, we called for our driver, who so willingly picked us up, AND took us for a special post-theater treat at Dunkin Donuts.  I believe it's always a good policy to sugar them up and then send them home to their loving parents.

Seeing a fun show with two special girls is a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon.  Brianna is already studying the theater's catalog of shows, looking for the next one.   Fun times, for sure.


  1. We took Skylar and Keegan to see ZOO ZOO. Skylar loved the dancing cats. I LOVE to hear her belly laugh. Keegan loved the snakes, of course. Keegan started to cry when the bears came out into the audience.
    Glad you enjoyed the show!

  2. You are such a good grandma, but maybe not so good of a mom, since you "sugar them up and then send them home to their loving parents". I loved it!!! Read it to my wife and she laughed, too.

  3. Mom, they LOVE the dates you take them on. They're always so excited to go and we hear allll about them afterward :)

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