Sunday, February 10, 2013

Obsessions - Part 3

Paper.  Yes, I love paper, all kinds.  But recently my obsession centers on fancy papers.

I remember clearly back in my childhood to the day my parents told me they were having a custom desk built into the corner of my small bedroom.  Life couldn't have been any better for me than at that moment.  In the little space between the side of my clothing closet and the bathroom wall, I was to have my very own office, with a bulletin board on the closet wall, and desk drawers surrounding my legs into which I could organize my tablets and piles of various types of papers.  Bliss.

Well here I am, decades later, still fascinated with papers.  There's just so much crafty stuff you can do if you have a good supply of pretty papers.

Yesterday I showed you some Valentine's Day cards I crafted, satisfying my obsession with washi tape.  Today I'll post some pictures of a few more, using both washi tape and pretty papers.  Then I'm done.  No more obsessions for me.  For now.

First let's take a look at some cards made in the traditional red/pink/white Valentine's Day color scheme.

Here are a few:



And again, who made the rule that Valentines need to be pink or red?

I'd love to send you a valentine, friends.  Send your address to my email (jillgoes@gmail.com) and I'll mail them out until they're gone.

What I could have done, back there at my childhood desk, if I had access to the papers and washi tapes I have now.  I can only imagine.  Crafting heaven.

One thing is for sure - I wouldn't have come out of my room for days.  


  1. My wife and I (mostly my wife) make cards for my Aunt in a nursing home in Pennsylvania. She has all that fancy paper. We send one every week day.

  2. I also love paper and all of the colors/patterns that they come in! Lovely cards!

  3. Those are the neatest cards. I don't have any crafty talent but I sure do like to see what others have come up with.

  4. Well, darn. I had my whole comment written, picked the one I liked best and then I scrolled, and scrolled and scrolled. And well? Shoot. I CAN'T pick which one to swoon over the most. Hey little Miss Big Talent! Those are gorgeous - and I agree, who says Valentines Day has to be all pinky red? :P

    And I will only give you mine if you give me yours. 'Cause I have some paper stash that, well....MAY be looking for a new home. ::wink::

    xo Skip