Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A Favorite From Waaaaaaay Back

It has been cold and windy and dreary here at the homestead, but that's really nothing new for these parts.  It's just that it is getting to me.  Getting to me to the point that I've scheduled an appointment with a travel agent for later today to look at some sunnier, warmer possibilities.  Stay tuned, I'll keep you posted if anything comes of that.

So last night I just wanted something good.  Something that brought back all the memories of comforting, happy, feeling good times.  I recalled a dinner my mother used to make, one that I have not made in quite a long while.  I'm not sure but I imagine the recipe came from her mother, and maybe even from her mother.

It's a variation on grilled cheesers, and I'm sure there are many other ingredients that could be added, but my mother's version is so simple, and tasty too.  I always loved this meal when she made it.  However, my own kiddos weren't always so happy about it when they were young.  After all, it does use green peppers.

These tasty sandwiches only require four ingredients and are so easy to make.

Open Face Sandwiches

green pepper (I used 1 1/4 because that's what I had)
a block of white american cheese (mine was about 1 1/2 inches thick)
mayonnaise (I used about 2 spoon blobs)
hamburger buns

Gather your ingredients and grate the green pepper and white american cheese into a bowl.

Add several spoon blobs of mayonnaise into the bowl and mix all together.  You want just enough mayo in there to make the mixture spreadable.

Open the hamburger buns, tear them in half, and lay them face up on a baking sheet.  Spread the mixture on the buns, being careful to entirely cover the buns.  Otherwise the bun edges will easily burn when the sandwiches are in the broiler.

Place them under the broiler and keep a close eye on them.  It doesn't take long until the cheese mixture is melted and the tops start to brown nicely.  I believe mine were in there only about 5 minutes, maybe less.

Pair these yummy sandwiches with some tomato soup, and I think you have a wonderful, old fashioned, comforting meal.  This one is definitely a keeper.

Thanks Mom, for the happy memories I have of my childhood, and for this wonderful recipe too.

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  1. Love the Norman Rockwell pic'. Cute. :)

    And I don't know what it is about these sandwiches but I can SEE and TASTE them working, y'know? Now, unfortunately I used up the last of my green peppers last night making stuffed peppers [not a bad use :)] and I am on a strict food budget until we go grocery shopping on Saturday, so I can't make them until then. Dagnabit. Because now I really want one.

    My Mom wasn't a stunning cook and I only really got one recipe from her and it is a family favorite. It's a simple Ghoulash we call Grandma's Ghoulash because she got it from her Mom, who got it from her Mom and it's aproppriately named because my kids know I got it from their Grandma. :) What I did get from my Mom [in the kitchen] was her style in planning meals and presentation, color and balance of nutrition/taste. I basically taught myself to cook, but all my kids love to cook and I actually taught Pooldad too. Our favorite thing is making up our own recipes and we are sometimes shocked at just how good stuff turns out. Like his bean soup on Sunday, that was great. Hmmm, what's for breakfast?

    I will let you know when we try these, guaranteed to be a hit tho' as the kids love g.p.