Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Becoming Frankenstein

After a visit to the specialist today, I am positive that I am turning into Frankenstein.  Starting with the feet.

I have had a long hiatus from participating in the sports I love - Judo and kickboxing - due to some pain issues I've had.  Family and friends have noticed a serious deterioration in my ability to walk.

Finally, as of this morning, after months of pain while walking or going up and down steps, we have a diagnosis and a treatment plan.

What exactly is wrong with my heels (the epicenters of pain), is the question I asked the doctors.

The answer:  basically everything that could be wrong with heels.  Achilles Tendinitis, fraying achilles tendons, retrocalcaneal bursitis, bone spurs, fluid, and inflammation.  I'm probably forgetting some others, but if so, I don't want to remember them anyway.

After examinations and ultrasounds of the areas, we now know what we have to work with.  I'm giving maybe TMI (too much information), mostly for those family members that have been concerned.

Since the left side is the worst, for now we will start treatment there.  Hopefully the right side will not deteriorate too much in the process.  First I will wear a knee to toe immobilization boot that keeps my foot always at a ninety degree angle for five weeks.  Maybe the tissues will heal during that time, maybe not.

If not, there are three other treatment plans on deck, one of them being surgery.

Here is a picture of this nice Frankenstein boot they fitted me with:

I definitely won't be wearing this thing to the upcoming Academy Awards.  My three daughters always claimed, "Style over comfort."  Let me tell you, this thing ain't stylish, nor is it comfortable.  Hopefully it will do its job, though.

Take another look, just in case you weren't convinced of its ugliness:

Here's a view of how I looked exiting the doctor's office building.  Do you think anybody noticed that my boots didn't match?  Yes, we had five inches of snow this morning.  Rough day to start with the boot.

The doctoring team had some extensive debate as to whether I should wear two of those boots, since both heels are damaged.  (No, let's put out the worst "fire" first.)

There was also some discussion among the team as to whether or not I should sleep in the boot.  (No, thank goodness.)

Hopefully, today is the first day on the path to healing.  One day at a time.  One step at a time.

So yes, I am turning into Frankenstein, one boot at a time.


  1. Ugh . . . not much fun! I always hate when doctors start debating with each other!