Friday, June 8, 2012

Winners of the GEEZERS Contest!

The results are in, folks!  It's obvious that we all know and love GEEZERS among us by the variety and creativity of your contest entries.  If you want to read all about the impending signs of GEEZERISM, or the details of the GEEZER contest go back to this blog post.

Pretzel prize packages from Tom Sturgis Pretzels , our family's business, will be sent to all contest winners.  Here, for your enjoyment this fine Friday morning, are the winning entries.

You know you're a GEEZER when... 

.....the ER nurses know by memory all 32 of your allergies and whether or not you are a convicted call bell abuser.  (submitted by RMG)

.....you have to eat so you can take your back pill.  (submitted by LAA)

.....you are no longer hungry after taking your "pill snack" prior to a meal.  (submitted by SLM)

.....you read this blog and immediately say, "I can't have pretzels.  Pretzels have too much sodium."  (submitted by CBT)

Thank you for your entries, friends and family.  Here are a few last looks at some GEEZER moments for your enjoyment.  

Leaving that image in your mind, I will sign off now and wish you a great weekend!  More adventures to come!  (See below.)

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