Sunday, June 24, 2012

Ellie Is One!

WARNING!  Do not read any further, if you do not want to see and hear about the birthday extravaganza celebrating the cutest-in-the-whole-world grandbaby's first birthday.  Please be forewarned that this is a blog post from a totally smitten grandma, and will contain about a gazillion cute baby pictures.  I cannot help myself.  Nor can I believe she is already one year old.

Let's start at the beginning:

The Decor:   ladybug theme (all the invitations, decorations, the cake, Ellie's outfit, the colors)

The Birthday Outfit:  was custom created for little Ellie by Just Add A Bow, a small company that creates custom hair bows for little girls and is expanding into party outfits too.

The fancy pants
The Birthday Girl, in all her cuteness:

Ellie with mommy Lindsay

                                                        Ellie with Auntie Sarah
This is major cuteness
The Party Food:

The Birthday Cake:

Ellie's outfit is removed for her first cake encounter.
The Family and Friends of the Birthday Girl:

Ellie with Daddy and Great Grandma

There was a baby in that sling.
The Party Girl's Fun Gifts:

Happy Birthday, Ellie!  We love you!


  1. Bummed we missed it! But i did get her all to myself for the next 24 hours after :) rachel

  2. Of course anyone with any eye for "what's missing" would be sure to note that ellies favorite people, ie the grandfathers, are among those not featured. That's ok though, she's was on sensory overload from the time she got to the grand event!

  3. wow whats not to love..shes adorable..love the theme...