Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Postcards From Ohio - Pigout At The Feeder!

Actually, we are safely home from our road trip loop through Ohio, but there's still some good stuff I need to show and tell you about.  So, I will continue sending some Postcards From Ohio, until I need to stop blathering on and on about the fun stuff we saw and did.

Not only did we see some very interesting museums and places of interest, we also stayed in some unique accommodations.  One night was spent in a luxury cabin right outside of Millersberg, Ohio.  The three Ferngully Creek cabins are minutes off of the scenic part of route 39, yet feel like you are way up in the forest.  Our cabins were peaceful, romantic and luxurious.

Nestled in the woods, away from the hustle and bustle
The husband/lover/best friend and I had stayed here before, so we were anticipating another lovely and restful getaway, and we were not disappointed.  The owners of these cabins do everything first class, and it makes all who experience this special place feel relaxed and refreshed.

I could get used to this.
The living room area
This is the icing on the cake.
In addition, the cabin has a full kitchen, completely stocked with dishes and cookware for extended stays.  An enticing basket of snacks was waiting for us on the kitchen table along with a bottle of sparking cider.

As fine as all of that was, with Bob and I being nature lovers and amateur bird watchers, for us the real entertainment was out the back window.  Beyond the deck was a large whatever animal could get up on it  bird feeder, fully loaded.  We sat for long whiles just enjoying the parade of birds, squirrels (both red and gray) and raccoons pigging out and upholding some apparent seniority hierarchies.

Male and female red-bellied woodpeckers and female cardinal


                                                  The male cardinal waiting nearby
Not sure what this bird is, help?
                                         One coon
Two coons

Four coons!
What a neat place!  We loved it here.  These are 5-star accommodations, and if you're ever in this neck of the woods, do not hesitate to book one of these three lovely cabins.  

As we are in the heart of Amish country, I may have to talk about some Amish "technology" next time.  Stay tuned.

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