Saturday, June 16, 2012

Postcards From Ohio - A Night In A Castle

We are continuing our good old fashioned road trip loop through Ohio, and in addition to seeing the sights, we have several nights reserved in unique accommodations.  After traveling west on the scenic route 39 through Ohio's Amish country, we landed in Loudonville, in the Mohican State Forrest.  

Our stay for the night was at Landoll's Mohican Castle, nestled on 1100 acres in Mohican country.  These are luxury suites, befitting royalty (that would be moi for this night).  Each suite is uniquely and elegantly appointed, and is a personal haven for rest and relaxation.  Let's take a look at the exterior of the castle:
This was our first look at our accommodations for the night!
Side view of the castle

There are interesting stairways, turrets, and balconies all around the castle
Our suite was the Gale Suite, entered through a private entrance, then up a candle lit stairway to our private quarters.  Our living quarters included a king bed, fireplace, jacuzzi, heated Italian-tiled floors, and a small convenience kitchen with a microwave and refrigerator.  Let's go inside:

Our private entrance and cozy kitchen
I liked the fan shaped windows in the bedroom area
The living room with fireplace
Bathroom with heated floor tiles
We only stayed one night, because many more adventures await, and we must move on.  Here's a last look at the castle in the evening:

Let me tell you - after a night in that castle I felt like ROYALTY.  I felt like a QUEEN.  Oh well, I always did like to be pampered.  

Stay tuned.  More Ohio adventures to come!

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  1. wow what an adventure....how could you NOT feel like royalty there...gorgeous