Thursday, June 14, 2012

Postcards From Ohio - Is There Anything Better Than Chocolate?

Well yes, PRETZELS, of course!  But chocolate ranks right up there for sure, especially the chocolates made at Coblentz Chocolates in Walnut Creek, Ohio.  This candy heaven is smack dab in the heart of Ohio's Amish country.

We stopped for a visit at this confectionary delight before heading to our lodging for the night, and we were greeted with the sights and smells of a large pleasant retail area and a candy production area behind the retail shop. Visitors can take a walking look-and-see tour along a glass wall overlooking the production area.  While we were there, candies were being loaded onto a conveyor belt to be first dipped into more chocolate, then packaged individually.

This girl is breaking up large bars of candy which will go through a dip.
At the other end of the conveyor system, a lady was loading the candies, one by one, onto a conveyor that led them into an individual packaging process.  She did not stop the moving belt, she did not talk on her cell phone, she did not have any conversations with the other workers, she did not leave her station, she did not pick her nose, she just kept methodically placing the candies on the moving belt.

I was reminded of an old "I Love Lucy" show as I watched her work.  This girl had it all under control though.
As the candies come towards her back she transfers them to the packaging line.
I saw the Log Sheet for the day and it appeared to me as though they were scheduled to be making five different types of candies that day.  I wonder if they reached their goal.

I was pleased to see that the Coblentz Chocolates business is still using my family's pretzels, Tom Sturgis Pretzels, to coat with chocolate.  (I had been here about 5 years ago, and was pleasantly surprised to see them actually coating our pretzels as I watched!)

Look closely on the bottom shelf.  Do you see the red and white Tom Sturgis Pretzels box?
After touring the production area, of course we had to do a bit of shopping.  Snacks for the road, you know.  I did buy some chocolate.  Lots of chocolate.  A ridiculous amount of chocolate, actually.  Isn't dark chocolate healthy?  Yes.  

I think I might just go now and have a piece.  Or ten.

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