Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Largest Banana Split In The World!

Recently the husband/lover/best friend and I spent a bit of time in Mifflinburg, Pennsylvania doing a necessary errand, that is, replenishing our dwindling wine supply.

We stopped at The Shade Mountain Winery and picked up several cases of our favorites:

Shade Mountain Red
Jack's Mountain Red
Anniversary White
Evening Blush

All of that decision making and heavy lifting worked up quite an appetite, and so we decided to stop and eat at a fairly new restaurant in Mifflinburg, The Hometown Eatery.  Previously it was some sort of a burger restaurant, and prior even to that it was a Burger King.  It still resembles a Burger King in its aesthetics if you ask me, but the menu is casual family dining, with options ranging from sandwiches to full entrees.

We had a lunch of panini sandwiches and fries, and then debated whether or not to have dessert, as we were already bursting at the seams fairly full.  I decided to pass on the dessert and Bob decided to have a banana split.

Our four children will easily attest to the fact that their father is somewhat of a banana split connoisseur.  However, he does not EVER order a traditional, normal banana split.  He always "would like to make a few modifications."

Typically a banana split contains one banana, split and placed in the bottom of the "boat," with three scoops of ice cream and three toppings, placed in this manner:  pineapple topping on the vanilla ice cream, chocolate fudge on the chocolate ice cream, and strawberry topping on the strawberry ice cream.   Top it all with whipped cream and a cherry, like this:

I am salivating just looking at this.

However, Bob asked for the following "modifications:"  hot fudge topping on a scoop of mint chocolate chip, marshmallow creme topping on a scoop of chocolate ice cream, and strawberry topping on a scoop of strawberry ice cream.  (He has been known to actually make diagrams on his restaurant placemats in order to make it easier on the waitress.)

The waitress took his order, smiling (I think smirking too) as she walked back into the kitchen.  A few moments later out comes the manager, and she places THIS work of art in front of him:

It was HUGE!
We were in SHOCK!
The manager was LAUGHING!
And there were TWO SPOONS!

It was the biggest banana split we have ever seen, anytime, anywhere.
We both made a valiant effort.  
We did the best we could.
But alas, it was not to be conquered that day.  

Maybe NEXT TIME, because oh yes, THERE WILL BE A NEXT TIME!  Go there, if you want a dessert that is a meal.  Have a SWEET Sunday!

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  1. it was truly a valiant effort indeed. but, alas, cramping stomach and congested throat passages would not allow triumph. There is always the next time!