Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Hump Day

It's Wednesday.  The husband/lover/best friend has always told me Wednesday is HUMP DAY.  The guys where he works claim that noon on Wednesday is the exact middle of the week; it's the hump.  Once you get over the hump, it's all an easy slide downhill into the weekend.

It seems like HUMP DAY here at home for me too.  Usually by mid-week I seem to need to explode gripe a very tiny little bit, get things off my chest, let off steam, if you will, and then all is well again.  Things just build up. Admit it, sometimes a person just needs a good old-fashioned b**ch session.

So I apologize now, because here it comes.  Add in if you like - think of it as therapy.  Tomorrow I will be back to my friendly, lovable self.

Hump Day gripes:

1.  The weekend went by way too fast.

2.  I took my first prescription Vitamin D pill and woke up with a migraine headache.

3.  I miss my far away kids and grandkiddos.

4.  The lady in the bank yesterday got grumpy when I asked for some cash.  Imagine that!

5.  The squirrels are eating all my bird food.

This is war
6.  The other night my son insinuated I was a SLACKER in the gym.  Those are fightin' words.

7.   I have free tickets for two bar-b-que chicken meals from Green Ridge Country Market.  They don't have their chicken bar-b-que today.  They only have it Friday and Saturday.  I want it today.

8.  I sat down on our lovely porch to enjoy the 10 minutes of nice weather we've had this week so far, and was immediately covered with tiny bugs.

9.  (Unplanned but now necessary gripe)  It just took me 7 tries to successfully load that photo of the bug-infested porch.

10.  There is an unpleasant, unexplained substance on that lovely porch.

My husband says it's bug spray.  (Solve one problem, create a new one.)

11.  Nobody cuts my hair like my daughter Lindsay.  She lives 2 hours away.  My local shop is just not "cuttin' it" for me.  (Sorry, bad pun.)

12.  The snake my husband killed in our yard, and tossed in the trash can, is still stuck down in there, and I know it's still in there when I take out the trash.  (Have I mentioned lately that I hate snakes?)

There, I feel lighter.  
I feel better.  (As long as I don't look at that last photo.)
I can tell that I will need to wear my yellow shirt today.
Love yellow.
All is well.

More exciting adventures coming soon!  (Look down below.)


  1. Poor snakey...i have a complaint. My damn scale hasn't moved in two weeks despite all my hard work. This plateau thing is stupid. Rachel

  2. That is a LOVELY porch. Perhaps you should get some bug repellant, sit on that lovely porch, sip some mikes hard lemonade and read a magazine. Relax and refresh! Forget about your worries and your cares!

  3. Thank you! I did just that this evening for a while, except it was a glass of wine. Had some pleasant visits from the neighbors and read about a variety of purple geraniums in a flowers magazine. All is well.