Monday, July 29, 2013

Tiny Camper

I was dying for some funnel cakes.  I had been thinking all week about a Saturday trip to our closest amusement park, Knoebel's Grove Family Amusement Park.  It is at that wondrous place that one can find any and all manner of horribly-unhealthy-yet-oh-so-good junk foods.  So yes, funnel cakes and french fries were on my list.

Even beyond all the bliss-inducing junk foods to be found there, I did really have an ulterior motive.  I wanted to see possibly the cutest tiny camper who I knew was camping in the Knoebel's Grove Campground over the weekend.  So off we went.

And, isn't little Ellie just about the cutest tiny camper you have ever seen?

Of course, she had to play a little coy when we first arrived.  She hadn't seen us in several weeks, and so even though I'd prefer it if she'd charge at me and jump right up into my arms, that isn't this little diva's modus operandi.

But oh my is she busy.  She just had so many things that needed to be done there at the campsite.  She had sitting to do in her own little camp chair:

There was an occasional break taken for some milk:

There was much people-watching to be done:

What could be more fun than playing with big sticks and poking the dog too:

There were books to be read:

Fashion magazines too:

And what two year old doesn't love a hearty kosher dill pickle,

especially while watching her big brother Jarrod toasting a mountain pie out in a monsoon-like rainstorm?

The husband/lover/grandfather of Ellie and Jarrod was just relaxing and taking it all in before the rain started.  This larger-than-life camp chair always makes me laugh:

All that business in the life of a tiny tot is exhausting, and before too long Ellie just crashed.

In other weekend news, a Sunday visit with grandtwins Tori and Brianna convinced us that they are taking good care of their momma, our daughter Rachel, who is recovering from laparoscopic surgery last Friday.  Although Rachel is only 33, some pre-cancer indications called for an early hysterectomy, and although she's sore she is doing OK.

Rachel and SIL Eric are in the process of buying their first home, and the moving date is set for August 15.  For the last several weeks, the twins have been helping to sort out their belongings - what to keep, donate, or discard.  This task is especially tricky when it comes to dealing with their vast collection of stuffed animals.  I even hear there may be some bribes going on, something to the effect of this:

   10 stuffed animals eliminated = 1 horse back riding lesson


30 stuffed animals eliminated = buy 1 new stuffed animal

And, their puppy Mason has moved to a new home whose owner has lots and lots of fenced acreage where he will be able to run and play and live in his own puppy heaven.

And the last news is a big Happy Anniversary to daughter Sarah and SIL Lance on their seventh wedding anniversary.  Time flies!  We wish you many more!

Oh, and I never did get my funnel cakes.  The rainstorm took care of that.  


  1. Now that is a study in contrasts. Little camper -little chair. Regular camper -really big chair:)

  2. I bet all Ellie has to do is flash a big smile and she get anything she wants. She sure is cute.

  3. Ellie is just beautiful...lovely eyes!

  4. Ellie is a cutie for sure, just beautiful.

    Love that big camping chair!