Monday, July 8, 2013

This Storm Got Us

As stated at the end of my blog post yesterday, today is our puppy's birthday.  Sheila is two today, and I just cannot believe how fast these last two years have gone.

However, the news of her birthday has been somewhat pre-empted by the storm damage we experienced yesterday.  Therefore, I'll be reporting on the birthday girl tomorrow.

So, as we were relaxing outdoors on our patio late yesterday afternoon, we couldn't help but notice that the skies were getting quite gray, quite fast.

Upon checking the weather report, we could see a pretty nasty looking storm cell heading right towards us, with winds potentially blowing in the 60mph range.  They came.  They blew.  They wrecked things.

We decided to make our way indoors, pronto, and with that the storm hit.  Watching from our indoor sunporch, we saw the next door neighbor's tree split and crash into the back of his house, giving us a show of fireworks from the power lines that were knocked down.

Just about then we heard another crack and realized a tree out front was going down.  And it did.  Right  smack dab onto our car.

Three parking spots with one car (ours) in the middle spot.  Where does the tree fall?  Uh huh.

I will let the pictures tell the tale, and then I will give the $$$$$ damage report.

Before long the borough workers arrived with their tree moving equipment.  A front end loader had no trouble lifting the tree off the car and then pushing it over to the side of the road for later disposal.

The damage is fairly extensive.  The roof and sunroof are caved in, and besides that almost every panel on the car has dents and scratches.  Unbelievably, though, the car is still drivable.

After speaking to our insurance company, who labelled this incident as an ACT OF GOD, and after taking the car into the body shop, we learned that the total estimate of damage is $5600.  Fortunately we have a low deductible.  

Now I'm going to be philosophical.

1.  Thank goodness nobody was in the car and nobody was nearby when the tree fell.

2.  It's just a car, and there are so many other worse things that can happen in life other than a damaged car.

3.  My right foot is in a boot so I wasn't gonna be driving that car for at least another month or more.

4.  My son is home during the daytime hours and my hubby is home in the late afternoon and evening hours, so I always have drivers.

5.  My son has his own car so even though I cannot step up into my husband's truck at this time, we do have my son's car while ours is being repaired.

So that's that.  

It's just a car.  

No big deal.

Happy Birthday, Sheila.


  1. I am so glad no one was in the car or driving down your street. And may I say, off topic, what a lovely street you live on. Wow.

    All great points. That is why I love you. You can always see the positive. Whew. Just glad you all are okay.

    How's the foot Limp-a-long? Are you feeling better? I sure hope so!

    And Happy Birthday to your girl. She's so beautiful. Hugs to all. And stay away from the windows next time during a storm, 'kay? xo

  2. Yep -- good that it was just the car!

  3. Yes, there is always a bright side of every thing and you seem to be able to find it. Good for you!!!

  4. I took the trash out to the alley this morning and found a huge limb from our big ol' pine tree in our rear parking area (beyond the back fence) with lots more branches from various trees out there with it. Craziness! Luckily, we don't park back there much and the branches all missed our fence, so no damage that I could see. Jeez louise--didn't realize we lived in hurricane alley. Saw that enormo-crane in the street today with the massive arm taking the felled tree out of your neighbor's yard OVER his house. Yikes!
    Never a dull moment on South 2nd!

  5. I really appreciate for your work. Please update this regulaly.

  6. Oh dear...just glad no one was hurt. But why couldn't it have fallen into one of the empty parking spaces?