Monday, July 15, 2013

A Ride in the Sky

Saturday night son Caleb's buddy Todd called, asking if Caleb wanted to have an evening adventure with him.  Of course, Caleb is always up for adventure, especially if it is outdoors, active, and exciting. So, his answer was YES!, and off he went.

Todd has a powered parachute, and their plan was to get up in the air and experience the sunset, fly over the spot where some of their other friends were having a bonfire, follow the Susquehanna River south to Sunbury, and arrive in Sunbury's airspace just in time for an in-the-air look at its fireworks display.

Here are a couple more looks at the aircraft.

Behind Todd's home there is a small airstrip, and after readying the apparatus, they headed down the runway and were airborne.  This aircraft has seating for two, so Todd is piloting in the front and Caleb is riding behind him, taking the photos and videos.

If you've ever heard and seen these brightly colored motorized parachutes overhead, and wondered what it must be like to experience that viewpoint, I cannot tell you, because I am frankly too afraid to even want to have that experience.

However, I do have the next best thing for you.  Sit back, relax, and take a flight now with Todd and Caleb.  In the next six minutes or so you will see the world below from quite a different perspective.

First you will experience a simple open-air takeoff.

You will see the beautiful changing colors of the evening sunset and the moon in the night sky.

You will see homes and businesses lit up for night.  If you happen to notice a street lamp with three globes, you will know you are flying directly over my home.

You will turn and then follow the Susquehanna River, traveling southward to Sunbury.

For an exhilarating end to your adventure, you will see a close-up look at an amazing fireworks display finale, from the air.

Enjoy your ride!


After landing, Caleb sent out this message to his Facebook friends:  "Just got back from an absolutely B-E-A-utiful night flight with Todd.  Watched the sunset from 2000 feet and the Sunbury fireworks overhead from about a 1/4 mile.  Talk about best seats in the house!"


  1. Amazing.

    It would also take an AMAZING amount of money to get me up in that thing.

    Better the guys than me. EVER. hee

    Thanks Caleb and your pal.

  2. How amazing is that, only for the young at heart. Beautiful Thanks for sharing. Kerry

  3. I have been a licensed commercial pilot an flight instructor for many years and I have never been in one of those things:))

  4. That is awesome, but pretty crazy!

  5. Never in a million years would I ever go up in one of those contraptions. Good for Caleb though and amazing photos.