Monday, July 22, 2013

Sunday Road Trip

I took a few days off from blogging, because, well, I was traveling.  Kind of traveling.  Traveling all on paper, at this point.

I was working on a road trip for next year, doing research, checking maps, and looking at forums.

And just in case the internet doesn't have enough information to WOW me, I have a whole shelf full of travel books, right above my desk, at eye level, within easy grabbing range.

I was also checking several blogs I read that offer information on campgrounds stayed at and their amenities and features.

When I am in trip planning mode, I get so involved in my research and planning, that it isn't uncommon for me to stay in my pajamas all day.  Or forget to eat.  Or ignore the phone.  Or lose track of time.

The hours simply fly by when I'm planning a trip, and I cannot think of a better way to spend a day, other than actually being on the trip that I have so lovingly planned.

So friends and family, I'm working on an adventure to the Outer Banks (North Carolina), and after some study I've come up with three potential campgrounds to use during our trip.  I'm wondering if any of you have comments for me regarding any of these three, or sights of interest not to miss near any of them:

1.  OBX Campground in Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina.  This campground appears to be near Kitty Hawk where the Wright Brothers National Memorial is located.

2.  The Refuge on Roanoke Island.

3.  Camp Hatteras RV Resort and Campground in Wave, North Carolina.

In other news from the weekend, we took part of the day yesterday and went on a brief road trip.  We drove about 1 1/4 hours west from our home to visit the Bald Eagle State Park and take a look at its campground.  We wanted to make note of which sites will adequately accommodate the fifth wheel camper we purchased last fall, since we are still rookies at maneuvering it.

Bald Eagle State Park is a bird lover's paradise.  We have camped there several times in the past, but since then the vegetation has grown up and is a true haven for a great variety of birds.

There are plenty of areas for picnics and a well used beach on the lake.  While we were there we saw all sorts of watercraft and families having fun in the sun.

On our way out of the park, we decided to take a look at the primitive camping area.  The primitive area is several miles from the public campground, and up into the mountains.  As hot as it was, I was surprised to find that several sites had folks camping in them, even though they offer no electric, water, and sewer.

Up there we were surprised and pleased to spot about 10 deer, half of them spotted fawns.  They all looked very healthy, so apparently there's plenty of natural food available for them.

We had a pleasant and uneventful drive home, other than eating lots of Twizzlers in the car, and upon returning home, we were able to secure a reservation for our first choice of campsites for a 5 day outing in the fall.

Between now and then, let's just hope the camper wheels don't get square.


  1. Sounds like a great time! I LOVE Twizzlers!

  2. What kind of camper do you all have? Just wondering. That looks like a really nice park. You will enjoy it in the fall when the leaves are turning.

    1. We have a 34 foot Silverback ( by Cedar Creek) 5th wheel.

    2. Jill, 5th wheels have a lot of room in them. Good choice. BTW, when we lived in PA we spent many vacations on the Outer Banks. I am sure it has changed a lot since we started going there 45 years or so ago.

  3. SQUUUUEEEEE! I am so excited for you!

    I can't speak to any of those campgrounds as we have only stayed at a KOA on Hatteras Island [on the Outer Banks in NC]. But we were tent camping and kinda' needed the clean bathrooms and amentities that KOAs offer for kids. I can say it was the MOST awesome campground I ever stayed at - RV and tent sites with cabins strewn throughout and RIGHT ON THE BEACH. AWESOME. Best vacation we prolly' ever took.

    Wherever you go tho', I know you will enjoy it and have a blast. Now ask me about food recommendations. I have two awesome ones.

    And the deer pics are lovely. I am sitting here, as I type, watching Dutchess eat. I don't know if we moved in too late or she hasn't had babies this year, but we don't see the spotted fawns like we did [on vacation here] last year. Thanks for sharing. :)

    1. What are your food recommendations? Share please!

  4. I love planning our journeys. There is so much to see and do along the way and when we get somewhere and just everything. So now I'm all excited for you.

  5. It is a great area, but we have not been there in some years, so unfortunately have no up to date info:(