Sunday, July 7, 2013

A Wild Weekend

The last three or four days here in the Thomas homestead have been a whirlwind of activity.  Well, about as much activity as this one legger can handle.

We had a great, although way too short, overnight visit here with daughter Lindsay and granddaughter Ellie.  Ellie is just one busy little princess, way too busy to be concerned even with eating.  One or two french fries is a huge meal for her these days.  Her little hands just have too many other important things to be doing, to be bothered with eating.  Eating is taboo, but she is all of a sudden, practically overnight, potty training herself.  I guess she just decided it was time.

Ellie loves wearing her swimsuit, water or not. 

She even commandeered my knee scooter for a zip around the house.

And, as always, a little ice cream makes everything better.

In other exciting news, the husband/lover/driver took me on a little road trip, my first since surgery three weeks ago.  

First we travelled to Honey Brook , Pennsylvania, to see and tour the new September Farm.  I had written a blog post last year about a visit to their facility to select some of their delicious cheese varieties.  This newer location now also serves lunch in an attached cafe.  Of course we ordered (what else?) some toasted cheese sandwiches which combined several cheeses and simply hit the spot. 

Next my driver took me to my favorite hair salon, Pure Joy Salon and Day Spa, where daughter Lindsay gave me a new hair color and cut, and my nail girl Nicole gave me a much needed manicure.  Prior to surgery I was required to remove my acrylic nails, and so by now my fingertips were just not looking so good.  With these few needed improvements, I feel almost like a new person.  

A few other excitements happened over the weekend, too.  Son Caleb,

after weeks of hard work, finally launched his fitness coaching website.  He has a passion for helping others become healthy, and to reach their own personal fitness goals.  Head on over and take a look at his website, EpicEveryRep, and be sure to look for his amazing before and after transformation photos.  

Even elite athletes get injured, and Caleb currently has his own silly injury.  A smack down landing from a rope swing into a swimmin' hole left Caleb with this nasty bruise on his backside.  This injury happened over a week ago, so the colors aren't near as pretty now as they were shortly after it happened.  And yes, he was wearing a swimsuit.  Ouch.

A few other tidbits of happenings around here.  One, I'm "back to the gym" again.  Not exactly back onto the Judo mat yet, but I'm faithfully doing my assigned stretching and strengthening exercises twice a day, followed by a good icing with my trusty bag of peas.  (Every time my husband serves me dinner these days, I always check the plate and hope NOT to see peas.)

Finally, I am MORE THAN EXCITED to report that the coffeehouse at our church, The Well Coffeehouse, is now serving ice cream, as of Friday, in addition to all the other yummy daily specials.  I am sure I see some coffee and ice cream date nights in my near future.

The Well Coffeehouse
Yesterday when we returned from Honey Brook, we were happy to see that daughter Sarah and SIL Lance had arrived from Ohio to visit for several days.  So, the rest of our weekend will be filled with relaxing, catching up, and Sarah's superb cooking and baking,...

...and planning for puppy Sheila's 2nd birthday party tomorrow. 


  1. Glad to hear that you are healing and getting around, too. Happy birthday to the pup.

  2. I know first hand how fast those little angels can wear you down-no matter how many good feet you have:)