Tuesday, July 23, 2013

First of Five Projects is Complete!

I always love to check completed tasks off a list, and this is no exception.  We seem to have a never ending list of household repair projects, so checking one of the big ones off the list gets me pretty honkered up.

If you've missed the post in which I described our five simultaneously ongoing projects, you can read about it by clicking here.

I'm happy to officially announce that the "STAIN THE FENCE" project is finally checked off the list.  Done.  Finis.  Caput.


It only took 11 months from the time we signed the contract until the job was done.  Don't ask me to explain that, I can't.  No matter, it is done, done, done.

And it looks good.

If you recall from a previous post, the process was started with a power washing of the entire fence, inside and outside.

Here, then, is how the fence looked after it dried, yet prior to getting stained.  The color of the wood had dulled considerably from when it was installed back in the Fall of 2011.  

We never dreamed it would take this long to have this project completed.  When we signed the contract in August of 2012, we assumed from our conversation with the contractor that the job would most certainly be done before winter set in.  

Didn't happen.  Due to (insert any excuse a contractor could possibly give here), it didn't get done until now.

But now it's done, and again I can say that it looks good.  We have small gates and a bit of four foot picket fencing on both sides of our home in the front.

The rest of the property is enclosed by six foot high sections, except for this one area where the fence graduates up from the four foot height of the picket to the six foot height of the sides and back.

All the rest of the fencing keeps us fairly private in our back yard.  It feels so nicely secluded, that we often have to remind ourselves while eating a meal out back that the fencing is not soundproof.  

One project down, and four to go.  I try sometimes to imagine how it will be when all projects on this current list are done.

I just might not know how to act if I don't see a man on a ladder outside my window, or a huge pile of tools and equipment laying out in the grass.

I'll just have to make a new list then, I guess.


  1. Well, finally, it is done, done, done. Now I supposse a tree will fall on it or a car will run into it, or . . . .

  2. Jill - Home and Garden called. They would like a photo op in your backyard.

    Holy Moley That is BEAUTIFUL. I can almost hear the serenity and tranquilness of your yard. Wow.

    And thank you for visiting Jules. I was very sorry to hear about your sister in law. She's in our prayers. [I am pretty sure God will know when I say Jillgoes' SIL, right?]

    Love always, JG

  3. The fence looks terrific - just like new.

    It's a great feeling to be able to 'check-off' jobs as completed.