Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Sheila the Puppy Is Two!

There's just something about a boy and his dog.  Son Caleb picked up his new puppy Sheila back in September of 2011, when she had just turned 8 weeks old.

Yesterday Sheila turned two, or roughly fourteen in people years.  So you could look at it either of two ways:  we have a terrible two-er, or we are now raising a teenager.  I'm not sure which option sounds better, but Sheila is a piece of work no matter how you look at her.

Sheila is one lovable pup, and she'll be affectionate with whomever will take her.

Sheila with granddaughter Ellie:

Sheila resting on my leg:

Sheila dressing up:

Sheila snuggling:

Sheila doing tricks:

Sheila is curious and mostly sometimes obedient:

How did we celebrate Sheila's birthday?  We gave her an extra treat after her dinner.  No cake, no ice cream.  I know, lame birthday, but the boss is strict about her diet.  One does not want to suffer the wrath of Caleb, regarding his dog.

Happy birthday Sheila!  In spite of myself I have fallen for you...

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