Friday, July 26, 2013

Second of Five Projects Complete!

Don't you love it when your contractors show up with a dozen donuts for you?  Well yes, actually, I do love that.  And that is exactly what happened first thing this morning when I heard a knock on the back door.  I didn't even have my coffee made yet, but I got onto that task PDQ.

Today the workmen finished up the soffits and eaves project.  They had started the installation last week, which was possibly the most hellaciously hot week we have ever had here in central Pennsylvania.  Other projects kept them away for the early part of this week, but today they came and wrapped it all up.

Since we are in the Historic District of our small town, we were not changing any of the decorative woodwork on the front of the house at the roofline.  However, all the other sides now have a neutral colored soffit material installed.

It was a little dicey at times, working around all those power lines coming into our house.

We are happy with the way it is looking now. And - I love checking one more item off of my TO DO list.

Yes, the sky today is truly that stunningly gorgeous blue.  I'm glad I've documented that here;  it doesn't happen very often in this neck of the woods.

This is the view looking out our back door up into the little roof over the stoop.  Now we can be somewhat protected from the rain when we let our puppy out.

As I was hobbling around my yard taking pictures, I couldn't resist capturing and sharing some of the beauty that is currently in bloom out there.  This hydrangea bush is just bursting with blooms this summer.  Last summer it only had one bloom.

Near to that one is this hydrangea tree:

We've been enjoying our annuals this summer too:

So again, two out of five projects are now completed, along with a great emptying of the wallet.

No, make that two out of six.  We still need gutters.

The list never ends.


  1. The contractors did a great job, and donuts, too. BTW, those blue flowers in the last picture look like some of the wild ones that grow around my place earlier in the year.

  2. You flowers are gorgeous. Is your header a hanging plant in your yard? Because if it is I am [as Marni would say] "Totes jelly" - which I think means totally jealous. hee.

    And HOORAY for contractors bearing doughnuts AND getting a project completed on time. Good for you. Looks lovely.