Sunday, February 2, 2014

Super Bowl Menu

For someone who could really not care one iota about football, this gal has spent quite a large amount of time scouring Pinterest and other sources for game day recipes, shopping for the ingredients, and cooking over the last two days.

You see, for me, the game is not the main attraction.  In fact, this morning I had to do some internet research to even educate myself on which two teams were playing.  Pathetic, I know.  Especially for someone throwing a little Super Bowl party.

Rather, the excitement for me is gathering with friends, and enjoying each other and some good food and entertainment.

Our long term friends Carole and Bob, are such good friends that they are even willing to be guinea pigs for all the new recipes I'm trying.

Here is my game day menu, separated into the "safe" items, and the "guinea-pig/never-been-made-before" items:

Safe items:

carrot sticks and hummus
salsa and tortilla chips
stuffed celery snacks (see this blog post for the recipe.)

Peanut butter blossom cookies made with Dove chocolate hearts

New recipes:  (recipes to come in future blog posts, pending good reports)

Kahlua Pork Bar-B-Q (Has been slow cooking for the last 20 hours, and the smell in the house is making me drool.)

All Day Macaroni and Cheese

Fruit Salad To Die For

And, just for a few additional kicks and giggles, we will be playing Superbowl Commercials Bingo during the game.

Here's my family of crock pots, hard at work:

If you're watching it, enjoy the game, folks!
Have some good food, too.


  1. It all looks good to me and I like the bingo cards!

  2. You mean you didn't make that big stadium in your header picture lol? It all looks wonderful and I'll bet everyone was more than happy with your menu. Hope you had a great time.