Thursday, February 20, 2014

Snow Haters' Antidote

This past weekend, following the Memorial Service for my sister-in-law Sherri, her husband (my brother Chris) and several family members retreated to our cabin up on the mountain for some comfortable family time together.  

My mom and dad
Due to the 18-20 inches of snow up there, we had to park our truck and then ferry ourselves and our belongings from the entrance to our property in to the cabin by snowmobile.  Son Caleb drove me in on the back of his snowmobile while I held puppy Sheila tightly between us.  Keeping a frightened 70 pound weimaraner on one's lap while zipping through the woods on an open vehicle is no small task.  The tops of my thighs are bruised from her claws digging in, but we did make it safely to shelter and warmth.

Although parts of our country have experienced a very difficult winter, a winter that is not over yet, gliding through this winter wonderland on a sunny, crispy cold day always gives me a new appreciation for the seasons and the beauty of an unspoiled snowfall.

Son Caleb, along with his lovely girlfriend Stacy, made this little video with his GoPro camera.  This is the incredible beauty we experienced in our few days up on the mountaintop.  Enjoy the ride.

It was truly a winter wonderland:

At one point, nephew Luke commandeered a minor skirmish on the kitchen table:

As always, a crackling fire and our trusty clothing dryers keep us in warm attire.

There were plenty of chances for much needed relaxation.

The time up there seems to always be speeded up somehow, and before too long it was time to return to civilization.  It had snowed another four inches overnight during our last night.  We loaded up the snowmobiles and headed back out.

Another beautiful weekend spent up there with family, playing in the snow.

I just can't hate snow.  It's too pretty.


  1. Sure would have enjoyed being up there with you. It is in the 70's here, but we are also camping, my wife, our three pups, and me in our RV.

  2. When you're in an area that has winter weather, you might as well enjoy it! I still love snow, especially in pictures! Tom and I had snowmobiles before we had kids, and loved them. We would go "up north" every other weekend through the winter . . . it sure made the time fly!