Thursday, January 30, 2014

Superbowl Celery Snack

If you are like me, you are possibly thinking about Game Day, and whether you are hosting a gathering in your home or watching the Super Bowl elsewhere, you are probably thinking about what food you will be serving or taking.

This tasty simple celery snack recipe requires few ingredients, is easy to put together, and simple to transport.  For some reason, two of the needed ingredients - celery and cream cheese - are things that often hang around in my refrigerator.  Lots of casseroles call for a little diced celery, so then I'm left with the rest of the bunch.  Also, if I buy a dozen bagels, I usually buy cream cheese to spread on them.  Then I'm left with a partial container of that, too.

So these celery snacks are the perfect solution to use up those two foods and waste not, want not.  I hate throwing any food away.

All you need are three ingredients - celery, cream cheese, and paprika.

First trim the ends off the stalks.  Wash your celery stalks thoroughly and blot them dry with paper towels. If your stalks are mostly dry, it will be easier to spread the cream cheese on them.

Cut each stalk into portions, as large or small as you wish, then using a butter knife fill the lengthwise cavities with cream cheese.  Sprinkle them with paprika for a bit of extra color and flavor.

Separate layers with wax paper if needed, and store them in a covered container in the refrigerator until ready to serve.  It could not be any easier.

My son Caleb has repeatedly told me that celery has no nutritional, taste, textural, visual, spiritual,  aesthetic or redeeming value at all, and, in fact, could be banned from the face of the earth, for all he cares.

I, however, think celery prepared like this is simply delicious and delightful.  And, it used up some leftovers in my fridge.

I'll leave you with this scene from another little chef's kitchen:

Granddaughter Ellie (2), amused herself making "tea" under the sink with dishwasher pods...for almost an hour!

I'd hire her any day to help me with my Superbowl snacks.


  1. I probably will not watch the Super Bowl this year, but you could sent some of that celery and cream cheese and I may reconsider.

  2. Those pods are poisonous!

  3. I love celery fixed this way. Actually I love celery fixed any way.