Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Random Thoughts From A Parking Lot

Not too long ago, I had occasion to be eating my lunch in my car.  I had headed out to accomplish a long list of errands and grabbed a bite to eat along the way.

As I sat eating my hamburger, facing a busy highway, I had plenty of time to make observations and allow the thoughts that came to my mind to tumble and roll.

Here are some of the random thoughts and observations that came to me as I finished that Quarter Pounder with Cheese:

1.  There are a lot of "organ donors" out there on the highway.  (Motorcyclists not wearing helmets.)  My daughter works in an emergency room and sees first hand what can happen.

2.  I wonder how much a tractor trailer load of potatoes weighs.  I wonder how it smells, too, as I'm sure there are a few rotten taters in there.  There is no smell that makes me want to be immediately sick more than a rotten potato in the batch.

3.  I'd rather follow a load of pigs than be a wide load escort.  And why are all the escort cars teeny weeny little things?

4.  Honda CRV's are a dime a dozen.  I still wouldn't mind having one.

5.  Why does Weis Foods have an underwater scene on the sides of its tractor trailers?

6.  How much and/or what is legal to be towed behind a towable?

7.  How many of those travelers are carrying a gun?

8.  Winter sports are alive and well, judging by the number of vehicles on the road towing snowmobiles.

9.  Unbelievably, a guy is just putting on his shirt as he enters a local business.

10.  There is a man, about 40, in Harry Potter pajama pants at the bank's ATM window across the way.  It is nearly 3:00 in the afternoon.

11.  Why are seagulls picking around in this parking lot?  Shouldn't they be at the beach?

12.  Dirty snow is really ugly.

13.  And finally, why did I buy this Quarter Pounder with cheese?  Ugh.


  1. It has been years since I ate a fast food hamburger. I do love the stuffed jalapenos that Jack-in-the-Box sells, about the only fast food I will buy. Except maybe the garden salads at McDonalds.

  2. Those observations make me a bit worried about our collective future:(

  3. No better free entertainment than the play of human behavior. I would probably like the guy at the ATM :-).

  4. Loved your observations :) The one I most closely identify with is the rotten potato. There is always one in the bunch :)
    Isn't it funny the things that can go through our heads when we can take break, quarter pounder or not?