Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Winter Bathroom Decor

I'm doing it again.  Changing out my downstairs bathroom.  I love seeing something new in there usually when each new season rolls around.

Not only that, after Christmas, when all those decorations are put away, the house looks kind of sterile and bare.

I suppose it's all the fault of daughter Lindsay.  For Christmas she gave me this lovely winter wreath that she created.  And besides, when I finally put away my Christmas tree/snowman themed bathroom a week ago, it just didn't feel right to put in the real Spring-y looking stuff yet.  After all, it's gonna dump about a foot of snow here again tonight.  Winter is not over yet, by any means.  Oh no.

So, the bathroom has had a makeover.  A new look, using old stuff.

I used some of the towels I had in various shades of blue.

I dug out an old shower curtain I had made years ago that has those same colors and snowflakes to match the wreath.

And finally, I set a few colorful doo dads around, including blue poinsettias and some Poo Pourri.

Son Caleb received this bottle of Poo Pourri in his stocking on Christmas morning, because, well, he needs it.  Please go to the Pou Pourri website here and watch the very funny video on the home page.
The marketing jingle for this awesome product is "Spritz the bowl before you go, and no one else will ever know!"

I hear that over there in western Pennsylvania, the rodent, Punxatawney Phil, has seen his shadow and predicted another six weeks of winter.  By my calculations there's about that many weeks until the calendar tells me it's Spring, so I'm not gonna get too upset at a ground hog just going in and out of his hole.

At least I've got a bathroom in line with the season now.  I'm good to go.  (Sorry, lousy pun.)


  1. I like it, but of course blue is my favorite color.

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