Friday, February 14, 2014

The Valentine's Day News From This Neck of the Woods

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!  I hope there is somebody in your life upon whom you can shower some special  lovin' today.  Make sure you don't forget those pets, neighbors, store clerks, and yeah, even the houseplants need attention once in a while.

Granddaughter Ellie is dressed up in her special Valentine outfit for school today.  She's also got her classroom Valentines all made up and ready to go.  Ellie says, "I've got my eye on you!"

Son Caleb is somewhat economically challenged these days, as he is just getting a new business established.  He used his noggin and very resourcefully created a dozen roses for his girlfriend.  Watching a 26 year old young man trying to do rose origami is somewhat surreal, but hey, what girl wouldn't be melted by an effort like that?

He also handmade his Valentine card for her, and he tells me he is taking ingredients to her place where they will make some "healthy" pizzas together.  I'll wait to hear the report from the female end.

While Caleb was finishing up his roses, his other special girl brought him a valentine.  Isn't she a sweetheart?

In other news, I received word that twin granddaughter Tori has finally lost the matching tooth to her sister's.  Now the husband/lover/confused grandfather says he has no hope of being sure of who's who.
I don't know - they're twins, but to me they don't look alike.

Brianna and Tori
I recently received a new bank card from my local bank, following the Christmas season Target security breach.

According to the Washington Post, "The Target department store security breach already ranks as one of the worst ever.  During the peak of holiday shopping in December, Target said that up to 40 million customers' credit and debit card information had been stolen from people who shopped in stores from November 27 to December 15, 2013.  
     Later the company said a new group of 70 million customers - some of whom might also have had their card data stolen - have had their personal information compromised, as well."

All of that makes me want to think twice about shopping at Target right now.  Or anywhere, for that matter.  Again, I'm utterly amazed at the evil some people can conjure up.

Somewhat trapped inside these days by the snowstorms that keep hammering our area, I've kept myself busy with behind the scenes prep work for a very special upcoming baby shower.  I can't reveal more than that at this time due to a extremely nosy and very pregnant daughter, but let's just say I've blistered the tips of my fingers over the last two days using my glue gun.

 I think there's a book along those lines, isn't there?

The memorial service for my sister-in-law Sherri, who died last Thursday, is scheduled for tomorrow.  I'm hoping our travel to there is not too difficult.  The area where it is being held had 20+ inches of snow yesterday and last night, and another 3 to 6 inches is predicted for tonight.  Ironically, Sherri hated the cold and snow.  She was a California girl, through and through.

We'll definitely be taking our boots, packing a few survival rations, and driving our four wheel drive truck.

And, all the while I'll be thinking of sunnier and warmer days ahead.  Spring is coming.


  1. I for one would be ecstatic to receive a handmade bouquet of roses. I think your son did an excellent job. Your granddaughters certainly look like twins but grandmas and moms can always tell the difference. Very cute!

  2. I would so much rather get a bouquet of roses that were handmade. Those are beautiful. And so is Sheila.