Friday, January 31, 2014

11th Annual Heart of Lewisburg Ice Festival

Almost as if to spite us, Mother Nature has curtailed the sub-freezing temperatures we've had here in Pennsylvania for the last few weeks, just in time for Lewisburg's annual Ice Festival weekend.
Ice ready for sculpture in Hufnagle Park
The award winning First Night Ice Carvers are scheduled to create some major ice sculptures in Hufnagle Park and in front of the Lewisburg Post Office.  As I write this, there is a LOVE creation going on in the Park, and another ice block has been delivered and is ready to be carved into a Bucknell University Bison at the Post Office.  Folks are already strolling the streets, watching the artists, and enjoying the tons of smaller ice sculptures located in front of many of the local businesses along the main street.

Artist at work
This annual Ice Festival has become quite the gala event over the years and draws in thousands of folks from the neighboring areas.  Here are some of this year's pieces:

A high heel in front of "Dwellings" - an eclectic home decor and gift shop
This fella is in front of the Campus Movie Theater.  What is he?
A fish in front of Barnes and Noble / Bucknell University Bookstore - sink or swim Bucknellians?
A flower in front of Mimi's second hand clothing boutique - old things bloom new?
Along with the ice art, there will be all sorts of other activities geared to the young and young at heart.

A singing group, "A Cappella on Ice," will perform at the Campus theater.

Chocolate lovers can purchase tickets to participate in a Chocolate Festival Tour and Ball.

Children can enjoy the Cocoa Fest For Kids, and winter games in the park.

Many of the stores along Market Street will be open for late night shopping, and offering plenty of sales.

Folks can participate in the Frosty 5K Walk/Run, or jump into the water and ice of the Susquehanna River during the Polar Bear Plunge.

I live just two blocks from the mighty Susquehanna, and having looked at the ice on it day after day, I'd require some seriously good money to get me to put on a swimsuit and jump in between those mini icebergs.

This is the site at which those lunatics brave folks will jump in.  This flock of birds were really making a racket, and I heard what they were yelling.  These geese were saying, "Go away!  Don't be silly, it's cold in here!"

"Look, I'm standing on only one leg!  It's that cold in here!"

I suppose we could look at this sudden rise in temperatures from one of two possible perspectives.  If you're a "glass is half full" type of person, these balmy temperatures mean folks can more comfortably and safely walk around outside and enjoy the ice sculptures and events.

However, if you're more of the "glass is half empty" persuasion, you would realize that these above freezing temperatures will quickly melt all those beautiful and expensive icy works of art into unidentifiable blobs sitting in large dirty puddles.

Probably your best bet is simply to just get out there today or tonight, and see what's to see while temperatures are bearable and before the ice melts.

As for me, I'll be keeping my eye on my own pile of ice out back.  Although our waterfalls have run all throughout the frigid winter we've been having, occasionally we have had to add several buckets full of water, just to be sure the pump down under in the bottom pond isn't getting frozen in a block of ice.

One last thing - can you tell I  haven't been to the food store in ages  am ready for the Super Bowl Game?

Enjoy your weekend folks, and stay warm.


  1. Those ice sculptures are beautiful. All that work and they just melt away. And I think you were right the first time and shouldn't have scratched lunatics, they would have to be to jump into ice water.

  2. It's amazing the talent people can display. Whether its a block of ice or a pile of sand. No way no how would I jump in that water.