Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Pseudo Camping

Do you see what I see back there?

That's our beloved new camper.  New as of last Fall, that is.

Now.  Ask me where we've camped this year so far.

Ok, I'll tell you.


Absolutely nowhere, and that's because my heel surgery back in June has made it so I have been unable to navigate getting up the steps and in and out of the camper.

So we are stalled in our camper adventures lately.

Until now.

The husband/lover/camping companion has told me he has a plan for us, though.

He says, "Why don't we 'camp' out there this weekend when our house is full of company." (There's a big graduation party happening here at party central, to honor son-in-law Lance's recent graduation.  The house will be full of overnight guests throughout this holiday weekend.)

"Not a bad idea," I say.

He says, "You know we have a tv and a dvd player out there.  We could even watch a movie. "

I say, "Yes, and there's a fireplace, too.  We could turn down the air conditioning real low and light the fire, and you know..."

He says, "Uh huh.  Sounds good."

I say, "Yup, real good."

So yes, we're going "camping" this weekend.

Just don't expect any post cards, folks.


  1. Now that sounds like a plan to me. A great way to spend the holiday weekend and you will not have to put up with the traffic trying to get to some RV park or state park.