Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Don't Give Up the Health Insurance!

Our youngest offspring, son Caleb, lives at home with us since graduating from Penn State University two years ago.  He is now 25 years old, and in another two months he will turn 26.  You know what that means - time to start thinking about  purchasing medical insurance.

He is well along in the process toward becoming a Pennsylvania state policeman, having passed the first (written) exam and preparing to take the next (oral) test.  However, that process moves incredibly sloooooooooooow, with more tests and background checks and 26 weeks in police academy still to come.  What that means is that he won't be a practicing policeman and have medical insurance through that job by his 26th birthday.


We will be doing some insurance shopping soon.

Because here's the thing:  he's active.  Very active.  He loves all sorts of outdoor and adrenaline-inducing activities.  He delights in having new experiences.

See for yourself.  Here are some the photos I've collected from past blog posts regarding his wild and crazy activities.

Rock climbing in the gym:

Paddle boarding in the river:

Leaf blowing on the patio:


Target shooting:

Flying airplanes and helicopters:

After taking his first solo flight.
Oh and by the way, he mentioned that he was happy he finally got to take his youngest niece on a flight:

Power kiting.  That little adventure landed him in the emergency room last Fall:

And now, his latest adventure, horseback riding:

Caleb's friend Stacy introduced him to this adventure the other day on the grounds of her family's home.

He looks like quite the cowboy, don't you think?

From the smiles on his face, something tells me this won't be the last time he'll be up on a horse.  

We'd better look into that insurance.  



  1. He is such a hunk. The girls must just be swarming all over him. lol I'm grateful that my DIL has a job that provides health insurance for both her and my son. I don't think these kids realize how important that is.

  2. Looks like Caleb will need health insurance for sure. Who doesn't??

    I guess the Obamacare State Exchanges open for business on Oct. 1st? Would that be the best place to start looking? I read somewhere that participants can actually pre-register now.

  3. I lived for many years without health insurance and survived. I don't know why they call it health insurance when the only time you use it is when you are sick or hurt??

  4. Nice looking son you have there. He sure seems to be active and that's a good thing. I think he likes that horse.

  5. I would be worried sick if our girls didn't have health insurance. I am sure he will be paying some big bucks in the beginning. Hopefully that will be a very short time.