Monday, August 26, 2013

National Dog Day

As today, August 26, 2013, is National Dog Day, I thought I'd celebrate by amusing myself with a photo recollection of our puppy's first two years with us.  Sheila, our happy weimaraner, turned two just last month.

If you are a lover of dogs then perhaps you, too, will enjoy this photo journal of the various facets of Sheila's personality.

If I had to describe our puppy in three words, I'd probably list these three:


(and not always in that order).

If you are at all familiar with this breed of dog, then you probably know that weimaraners are extremely intelligent, very family oriented (they won't stay in another room away from you), highly energetic and needing lots of exercise, and sometimes stubborn.

Take a look, and enjoy.

Sheila, the lovable puppy:

Sheila, the beauty queen:

Sheila, the ice princess:

Sheila, the naughty puppy:

Sheila, the outdoor gal:

Sheila, the doggie diva:

Sheila, the lap dog:

Sheila, the welcoming committee:

Sheila, the engineer of land mines:

Sheila, the occasional slut dog:

Sheila, readying for a night out on the town:

Sheila, ghost dog:

Sheila, the peeping tom:

Sheila, lover of small children:

I could go on and on, but I'll stop here.  I'm sure Sheila will give us just as many interesting photos again in the next two years.

Hopefully, if you have a puppy, yours gives you as much enjoyment as ours has given us.


Happy National Dog Day, anyway.  


  1. You just made my day with this post! I LOVE IT! I also have to say that her name really suits her :)

  2. Love this post...what a sweet baby.

  3. Loved your post. We have three dogs and every day around here is dog's day. Wife even cooks special for them.

  4. Happy Dog Day Sheila!! I really love the slut dog pose. Can't imagine life without our girls.

  5. Nice! I am not letting Halley know, she is spoiled enough:)