Tuesday, August 27, 2013

An Obvious Decision

I've found myself stressing lately (not really - just thinking) about whether to keep my fake acrylic nails or sacrifice them for the larger good.  Obviously I've had time on my hands lately to obsess over silliness like this.

For the last 10 years or so, ever since I started my teaching job at the local college and even since I retired, I've kept my bi-weekly manicures going.  Usually I get the standard French manicure on acrylic nails.  Once in a while, around a holiday, I might get wild and crazy and have red nails or something equally outlandish, but usually I stay more traditional and sedate.  Being in front of a class of overly observant and critical college students made me want to take care to look good and feel good about myself.  It's all about confidence in that arena.

 And, because my nails grow ultra fast, it was necessary to return to my nail guy John basically every two weeks, or two and a half if I was stretching it.  At today's rates of roughly $25-35, along with a fee for an occasional repair or lost nail, and adding on an appropriate gratuity, that works out to about $65 each month just for nails.

I've been doing the math of this little routine for the last ten years, and debating the expense all throughout those ten years.

It has finally come down to a decision, folks.

From now on, it's gonna be au naturel for me.  The fake nails are off, my own nails are growing, and the nail beds are slowly getting thicker and healthier.

The damaged part is almost grown out.
No more trips to see John.

No more $35 a visit.

No more appointments to keep.

No more worrying about schmucking up tacky nails with my car keys on the way out of the shop.

No more.  Nada.

Now, if I can just put that amount of money aside and actually watch it add up.

Like I said, I've been doing some calculations.

At roughly $65 each month, that's $780 in one year.

And furthermore, $780 is roughly equivalent to six or seven nights in a hotel, or approximately 26 camping nights, based on state and federal campground fees.

I think for the good of mankind (you know, that kind man that lives with me), we should use these savings for another vacation.  Don't you think?  There are just so many places around the world that are calling out to me.

Now for the next big decision - the toes.....


  1. I gave up my fake nails when I retired and I sure don't miss them. Now the toes - I do get them done occasionally - mainly because it keeps getting harder and harder for me to reach them. lol


  2. GOOD FOR YOU!! I suppose if you are working it might be a benefit but other than that, WHY? I like the natural look myself and it is certainly healthier for your nails.

  3. Oh dear. Poor John. Now his kid will have to start saving up for college!
    That's almost as expensive a habit as smoking. Jeepers.
    I've never had a manicure, but I wouldn't mind the idea of a pedicure, and that's mostly due to the length of my legs vrs the length of my arms divided by the square root of my belly.

    Or something like that.