Thursday, August 8, 2013

Canoodling on the Couch

Yes, there was a bit of snuggling, huggling, kissing, and canoodling going on recently on our living room couch.  Right in full view, too, of anyone sitting there or walking by.  No qualms at all, nuh uh.

See for yourself.

Granddaughter Ellie and her buddy Sheila

Then Ellie decided it was time to play dress up the puppy.

Sheila was quite cooperative.

Is she done yet?

In other parts of the Thomas homestead, other lovely ladies were cooling off in the streams.

Family friend Stacy and grandtwins Brianna and Tori
Back inside then, there was a bit of dancing - on the puppy.

These grandkiddos never cease to make me smile.


  1. Now that's a GOOD dog! Some dogs are just so patient with the children...they seem to understand.

  2. Oh how I love that header photo. How cute.

    Those kids are amazingly beautiful. I cannot believe how good Sheila did and to sit and pose with her new bling. Too cute.

  3. Adorable post! Such a good-natured dog . . . and cute, too!