Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Calling the Bureau of Cottontail Relocation

It has come to our attention that under the large lilac bush in the back, the mulch is moving.  Little rolling waves of movement, down under the mulch.

Puppy Sheila is obsessed with this little pile of movement.  I would like to convince myself that she is "guarding" it, but somehow I still question her motive.  She sees.  She watches.  She stalks.  She gets yelled at and backs off.  For now.

Son Caleb gently used a twig and pushed aside the furry, mulchy dirt, uncovering a tiny nest of baby bunnies.

They are wiggly and squirmy down in there.

We kept looking as they rearranged themselves, and we tried to count how many are in the nest.

At least four baby bunnies are down under there, maybe more.

Each little bunny is about three to four inches long, and we estimate they are about one week old.

Obviously we were interrupting their sleep, so after taking one last look, we gently recovered the nest.

Unless the Bureau of Cottontail Relocation acts swiftly, there goes my garden.  Our flowers were nice while they lasted.


  1. We have a nest of babies also under the pile of boards here. And I can guarantee that Scooter would love the rid the earth of these intruders. We have put up a fence so she can't get near it. But she still doesn't give up. I know rabbits are a pain and eat everything, but the babies are so cute.

  2. When we had the house we had a fir spreader the rabbits used to try to make nests under. By the time we filled all the holes around it that shrub was completely surrounded by crushed stone and no more rabbit burrows. Rabbits are cute to look at but heck on the landscape. Did you know they like to fine dine on flower bulbs as well. Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.