Tuesday, January 28, 2014

I Should Probably Take Down My Christmas Tree

I am flabbergasted that it is already the 28th of January.  How did that happen?

That means our Christmas tree has been up for over a month and a half!  And, that also means I should probably start thinking about taking it down.

Some folks have suggested that I should leave it up, and decorate it next for Valentines Day, then Easter, etc.

Nah, I'm not that type of gal.  In my mind, a Christmas tree is for Christmas, period.  (And January, apparently.)

So my self imposed chore for today is to start thinking about maybe possibly working towards taking it down soon.  I believe those boxes stacked around the room are an indication that somebody in this house wants me to start the process, perhaps.

In other news around here, I've been parked in front of the television for hours.  That's really news for me, because I almost never watch any tv at all.

Daft Punk
I watched part of the 2014 Grammy Awards on Sunday evening.  It's not so much that I'm on top of all the current music.  Rather, I just like to see what people wear to these gala events, and how silly they look and act sometimes.  And, I had heard that the two remaining Beatles and Chicago would be performing.

It was great to see Paul Mccartney and Ringo Starr again, doing what they do so well.  However, R & B singer Robin Thicke teamed up with the Chicago rock band to perform the medley "Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?"/"Beginnings"/"Saturday in the Park"/"Blurred Lines."  In my impression Thicke ruined an oldy but goody.  I just wanted to hear the Chicago sound I remembered so well from my college days, and he kinda fouled it up.

True to my expectations, there were plenty of weird acts, costumes, and behaviors.  Hip hop artists Beyonce and her husband Jay Z opened the show with a racy number, "Drunk in Love."  I wondered if Beyonce was trying to "one up" Miley Cyrus with her twerking and provocative dance moves.  In this case, though, it appeared as if the audience was all for it.

Yoko Ono was there and still wearing a man's hat and dark glasses.  Why is she so weird?

The Daft Punk robots were, um, interesting.

Four couples from "90 Day Fiance"
I stayed with the Grammys until about 10:00, and then I switched over to another program on TLC, "90 Day Fiance."  The show follows four international couples.  In each pair, the male is a U.S. citizen and the female is from another country.  Although they have met and visited each other several times, now a visa allows each woman 90 days in which to marry or return home.

As expected, some of the couples are doing well together.  Others are having difficulty with the culture, inlaws, and children from previous marriages.

I found the show interesting at times.  I still don't get how it is possible to fall in "love" with a person who can barely speak your language.  I suppose there are plenty of definitions of what is love.

Finally, the hubby and I did the watch-a-movie-with-popcorn-and-ice-cream thing.  We rented the movie "The Butler" from our local Redbox DVD, as we had heard many good reviews about it.

The movie follows the life of a butler who served eight of the United States' presidents over a span of thirty years.  It also traces the civil rights movement in our country and how it affected the butler and his family members.

Although we agreed that it was an excellent movie, unfortunately there were times that we had a bit of difficulty hearing some of the dialog.  I did enjoy seeing the various cast members playing the parts of the presidents.

So, the reality is that the amount of time I spent sitting in front of the tv this past weekend will probably hold me for quite a long time.

That is, at least until the Superbowl.

 Oh yeah, or the Academy Awards.


  1. I watched a bit of the 90 day fiance. Can't say that it is something I will watch again. I didn't even watch the Grammy's! I am so out of TV anymore!

  2. My mother would have been on my case if the tree was still up after 12 Jan:)