Wednesday, January 22, 2014

This Awesome Grandma...

This awesome grandma (or Hammaw according to granddaughter Ellie), has just returned home today from a pleasant, busy week away at daughter Lindsay's home.

I love spending time with my family, and thinking back over the last several days, some highlights come to mind.

This awesome grandma...

....listened with Ellie to the song "Let It Go" from the "Frozen" soundtrack, oh, about 47 times.  Each day.  It is required to have the accompanying doll sitting directly in front of us, and also to do appropriate hand motions along with the song.

....may have folded herself into ridiculous contortions to fit inside this princess "castle" with Ellie.  It is two feet wide and three feet high.

....did plenty of pre-dinner artwork with Ellie while Mom was making dinner each night.  Isn't it beautiful?

....shared a bedroom floor picnic with Ellie and her friends.  On the menu were swedish fish and gummy butterflies.  We only ate two.  Or four.  Maybe.

....cleaned Ellie's little behind with these, and then cleaned EVERY LITTLE TOE, too.  The giggles are music to my ears.

....played paper dolls with Ellie, who doesn't always think sharing is all it's cracked up to be.

Ellie's pile

My pile
....may have been a bit OCD when we were putting away the play pizza toppings.

....allowed Ellie to style my hair using only a nail file and a tub of goopy curling gel.  

Don't I need a good shower now look so lovely?

So now I'm home.  The hubby is happy, son Caleb is glad, and puppy Sheila is overjoyed.  She lays sleeping next to me here on the couch with her head on my shoulder as I write this.

Life is good, and I'm thankful.


  1. What a wonderful time with Ellie. So many awesome memories and great photos to prove it.

    1. You bet. And, don't they grow up so fast?

  2. Ha! It took quite a bit of scrubbing in the shower to dislodge the goop!!!